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P.O. Box, 253 · 08200 Sabadell (BCN) · Tel. 937 471 100 · Fax. 93 714 36 43 picap@picap.cat
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The Company
PICAP SL was officially founded in the spring of 1984, which is when we put out our first CDs, although the Picap label’s office was actually opened in March of the previous year. The person behind all of this was Joan-Carles Doval, a professional discographer on the Catalan music scene who was highly motivated to launch his own project. The initial idea was and continues to be that of providing support to performers and creators from our country and working as closely as possible with them, respecting their choice of language but providing preferential support to creations in the Catalan language. We also offer a high-quality Latin-American line of music, which we started some time ago.
Picap has gained the recognition of various public institutions and media, but above all, of society at large, namely, those of you who have made this project possible by purchasing the albums we publish, allowing us to continue providing excellent music. Picap is a young company, in age and spirit, but above all with regard to our team – young people who are professional, enthusiastic and always looking to the future, impregnating our company with an innovative spirit. We are working to supply you with what most interests you in the best possible manner, as well as allowing you the opportunity to discover good musical creations emerging from this country.
Joan Carles Doval
The post of Director is held by Joan Carles Doval, who is also the company’s founder and manager. The Management coordinates all the departments and establishes the overall company strategy, in conjunction with all staff members and collaborators.
David Vilamajó
Chief of Administration. For the accounting department, tax, customers and suppliers.
The Administrative and Accounting Department handles customer service, accounting, invoicing, suppliers, fiscal matters and the like.
Carlos Martín
Our colleague, Carlos Martín, is the most veteran member of our company. He has been with us for many years, directing our office in Madrid, dedicating particular attention to promoting musicians on a nation-wide level and to sales issues.
Toni Vidal
Picap does not have its own sales department. This task is carried out exclusively by the firm ACTUAL RECORDS DISTRIBUCIÓ, S.L., with ten salespeople covering all of Spain and distributors for the US, Japan, France, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and other countries.
Actual Records allows our music productions to reach any location, including small or large shops, CD clubs, bookstores and online shops, whether through internet orders, downloads or the Album à la Carte service.
Albert López
The promotion staff makes our label known to the public at large. They handle media relations, presentation of new albums, promotional concerts, press releases about the musicians or the music publishing company and the like.
This department handles the industrial production of any phonographic or audiovisual media, cover design, booklet layout, phonogram duplication, etc. It also designs publicity, posters, press releases, catalogues, corporate image, etc.
The marketing department, together with the promotion, production and new technologies teams, takes care about the creation and maintenance of the network presence of the company (social network, blogs, forums, artists promotion on the net,...), as well as also takes care about the web maintenance looking for and creating new content.
Pere Juvé
The Logistics Department prepares orders for shipping, receives incoming goods and handles relations with transport agencies while ensuring quality in keeping with our principles of good service.