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Welcome to "Albums ā la Carte"!

Record companies have always sold their albums as a finished product, but how many times have you thought: "I wish such-and-such a song was on this album"; or "I'd love to make a compilation of my favorite romantic songs..."
Well, now you can make your own albums to suit your taste - you decide the songs, the number of cuts you'd like and we even let you choose the cover...
Can you imagine the songs of your choice by the bands Raimon, Maria del Mar Bonet, Sau or Lexu's all on one album? Of course you can! So try out our "albums ā la carte" service.


- The price of each song is indicated on our website.
- Picap S.L. will carry the cost of the physical CD support for 10 tracks or more. For an album with fewer tracks, we charge an extra fee of €2.
- Shipping costs remain the same as indicated on our website for regular CDs.