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WANTUN's new album

wantun_grupWantun, a Catalan indie-pop band in style with Sidonie, Los Planetas, La Buena Vida...

The name of Wantun comes from the prehistory of the band, when the original members were university students often ate at the Chinese restaurant and one of the dishes was the fried "wantun"...

Of the original members, continue in the band brothers Francesc and Ricard Borrell after passing through various formations, in 2008 began to create new songs and recording in February of that year in the same studio as Sidonie (Blind Records) an EP called "modernitat" produced by Blind Joes... were submitted to various competitions, being semi-finalists in the "Enganxa’t a la música 2008”, Sona9 2008, finalists in the "Empordà en directe", winners in "Carles Sabater to the best song in Catalan in 2008” with "spectiu" and popular winners in “sona9 2008” with 35% of the votes from the public. At the same time were considered by the Catalan newspaper “El Punt Diari” as one of the 10 music proposals to consider for 2009.

artworkDuring 2009, ending the creation of new songs, there is a small change in the band with a new singer (Toni Sanchez) and a new guitarist (Aleix Iglesias). Enter again to the studio of Blind Records in June 2009 to record their new album “ANIMALIA”, with a collaboration of Miri Ros in the voice of the last song on the album "Dilluns nit". At year end, signed with the Record Label Picap.

The album design has been done by Lyona (Marta Puig) and also the music video for the single "ANIMAL" which talks about uniqueness, not wanting to be a clone, wanting to live life with intensity

Want to eat Wantun? You can do it here:

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 Be careful to not to be bitten by the Wantun's flea !!! puça_wantun


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