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El secret del bàrman by Roger Margarit

portadaRMI do not usually remember my dreams but I'm quite sure that they are not far from the surreal universe that have tried to draw with the new album "El secret del bàrman”.

This album is a portrait of the two or three darkest years of my short life on Earth; two or three years marked by the untimely death of my mother (great artist and better person) and all this meant for me and my people.

To make a change in my life and continue with my musical knowledge, until then purely classical, I decided to join the “Taller de Musics” in Barcelona, in the middle of Raval district. There I had to face a frightening and unknown enemy: the jazz. Although I felt a great admiration for this musical style from the Americas, I passed a bad time when, amid the standard Bye Bye Blackbird, I had to play a piano solo and try not to look like a ”poppy” with references close to ABBA than Red Garland, for example.

It was just after a fateful class of instrumental ensemble when making routine way, with the prints that Rabal offers and the song “You don’t know me” by Ray Charles in my headphones, it started to rain a lot and got to the train station totally wet. That image seemed so melancholic suited very well as a starting point to create a poetic context where to expose my usually hermetic feelings. There must be added an umbrella hovering, a mystery murder, a lot of police, and a fancy bar where my alter ego refuges of what he had been involved.

In the new album, brief and intense, I talk about issues like loss, loneliness, artistic creation or the fear of getting older. To do this, I use of inspiring images of pictures of my mother and curious characters such as the selling of stories woman, the man in black, or the owner of the sidecar, which appear in the imaginary bar and interact with the protagonist or simply shows his charismatic personality.

Have all those characters some connection with the murder in the street? The renowned poet is going to be reunited with his idyllic love? Let's ask the bartender “bàrman”, maybe he has the answer.


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