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BIFLATS: Hummusman!

“HUMMUSMAN!” or the Catalan Cobla revolution

After the success of Catalan fanfare! (Picap 2017), aired in mid-world radio stations, Biflats release HUMMUSMAN!, a new album with 12 songs that consolidate its unmistakable, revolutionary and rapturous world music sound.

Songs such as ‘El Piratiña’, which, with the collaboration of Adrià Salas (La Pegatina), shows a splendid “mafia pose”, or Paradís 'Paradise', a Catalan rumba that tells the story of an exemplary ‘Jonquereny' (person from La Jonquera, a border town between Catalonia and France…known in Catalonia as “Tijuana”, “El Paso”,… you can imagine), and which has the collaboration of the illustrious of the Catalan fusion Xavi Ciurans (Gertrudis); They partly make up the brand new floppy album by Biflats.

Apple Music: https://apple.co/2CFNyzC
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2OyBAfZ
Amazon CD: https://amzn.to/2TGFvbt


Important Warning: HUMMUSMAN has a mission. He is an antihero that with his flatulence (produced by the excessive intake of hummus) and the help of a great fanfare, with high dose of festivity will put everything in a mess wherever it goes. You have to be on guard.


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« Hold your tears" by Serge Gainsbourg included

1 CD SOLD = 1 TREE PLANTED IN FRANCE by reforestation.com





"World Music" are melodies from here and abroad that sing hope for our humanity and for our planet earth.. It gives joy, thrills and makes us travel. 16 world music songs that warm the heart when winter arrives.

Jean Paul Wabotaï, great master of hunting melodies and accomplished composer, is committed to the environment and calls on organizers of musical events to follow him in this adventure to plant 1 million trees in France by 2020 with  reforestaction.com

Web: http://wabotai.jimdo.com & https://1milliondarbres.jimdo.com


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Setembre release "De feres i treves"

Setembre debuted with "Les hores trobades" a couple of years ago and soon began to play in the most important musical radios of the country and managed to realize a successful tour sharing stage with bands like Lax'n'busto and Gossos. Now they release their second album "De Feres i Treves". A much more mature album, more worked, more forceful, and with an evolved sonority without losing the essence of the band.

Giving to each song its own identity has been the main occupation in La Casamurada Estudio, under the baton of Jesús Rovira (Lax'n'busto).

De feres i treves is a qualitative leap in the career of the Granollers band. De feres i treves will hook you from the beginning with its fresh rhythm and a choruses that you can not stop repeating.

💿Amazon: http://amzn.to/2zEQ5cy
🔉AppleMusic: http://apple.co/2zzuT8N
🔉Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2zjWHNY


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ÈRIC VINAIXA "Caos a mig camí"

"Caos a mig camí" is the new album by Èric Vinaixa. His most ambitious album at the level of composition, production, arrangements and interpretation.

An album where he takes a step further in his taste for preciosity, emotion, intimacy, sensuality, variety of colors and intensity, which is still the natural evolution of his previous works.

With its own language inherited from its pop, rock, blues, soul and vintage singer-singwriter roots, "Caos a mig camí" talks about the vital reflections of a musician entering in the forties and that gathers the way of seeing the world, empathizing with the feeling of this generation.

Once again, Èric Vinaixa has taken over the musical production and arrangements of the album, besides putting the vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, pianos, hammonds and accordion.

An album that has 11 songs and a bonus track (that touches the identity reality of Catalonia in recent times).

An album for music lovers.

💿Amazon: http://amzn.to/2zTJ9Zk
🔉AppleMusic: http://apple.co/2mc6VdF
🔉Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2zxXCtX
📺"Final de camí": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePCoqfq9oZ8



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Josep Palau i Fabre is one of the most popular poets in the Catalan language. Celebrating the centenary of his birth Picap releases this album with a follow-up of music poems published over time, with interpreters such as Ramon Muntaner, Maria del Mar Bonet, Enric Hernàez, Toti Soler, Ignasi Roda, Guillermina Motta, Celdoni Fonoll, Hèctor Vila, etc. But to make it more attractive, five new songs have been recorded under the artistic production of Toni Xuclà and with Toni Xuclà's own interpretations with Gemma Humet, Menaix a Trua, Ramon Mirabet, Gerard de Pablo (leader of Pantaleó) and the poem Cant Espiritual interpreted by the poet himself, but on this occasion with music by Toni Xuclà, in a sensitive way, giving strength to the interpretation and the poem.

A tribute to Palau i Fabre made with enthusiasm and professionalism by all those who have participated, from the producer, musicians, collaborating artists, Daniel Sesé who has made the art to the height of the work and the journalist Quim Vilarnau who has written a beautiful presentation that is included in the album that also comes to the market coinciding with the month in which the poet was born a hundred years ago.

💿Amazon: http://amzn.to/2yclLCy
🔊AppleMusic: http://apple.co/2y828zL
🔊Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2yP3YFc

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El secret del bàrman by Roger Margarit

portadaRMI do not usually remember my dreams but I'm quite sure that they are not far from the surreal universe that have tried to draw with the new album "El secret del bàrman”.

This album is a portrait of the two or three darkest years of my short life on Earth; two or three years marked by the untimely death of my mother (great artist and better person) and all this meant for me and my people.

To make a change in my life and continue with my musical knowledge, until then purely classical, I decided to join the “Taller de Musics” in Barcelona, in the middle of Raval district. There I had to face a frightening and unknown enemy: the jazz. Although I felt a great admiration for this musical style from the Americas, I passed a bad time when, amid the standard Bye Bye Blackbird, I had to play a piano solo and try not to look like a ”poppy” with references close to ABBA than Red Garland, for example.

It was just after a fateful class of instrumental ensemble when making routine way, with the prints that Rabal offers and the song “You don’t know me” by Ray Charles in my headphones, it started to rain a lot and got to the train station totally wet. That image seemed so melancholic suited very well as a starting point to create a poetic context where to expose my usually hermetic feelings. There must be added an umbrella hovering, a mystery murder, a lot of police, and a fancy bar where my alter ego refuges of what he had been involved.

In the new album, brief and intense, I talk about issues like loss, loneliness, artistic creation or the fear of getting older. To do this, I use of inspiring images of pictures of my mother and curious characters such as the selling of stories woman, the man in black, or the owner of the sidecar, which appear in the imaginary bar and interact with the protagonist or simply shows his charismatic personality.

Have all those characters some connection with the murder in the street? The renowned poet is going to be reunited with his idyllic love? Let's ask the bartender “bàrman”, maybe he has the answer.


In CD logoactual 





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Pop a la Catalana 4

It has already become a classic of our winters to give vibes. This year we will also release the POP A LA CATALANA, it will be the fourth volume by the hand of Òscar Dalmau.


Just taking a look at this magnificent cover we sense that the content will be most danceable and with the aim to make known pop music that was done in Catalonia in the late 60s and early 70s.

Artists like Emili Vendrell, Maika, Els 5 Xics, Salvador Escamilla, Lluís Olivares, Núria Feliu, Rudy Ventura and many more, will be part of the fourth volume of POP A LA CATALANA compilation.

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New releases for 2015

Season started with interesting news. From Picap, and in an effort to raise awareness of the best artists of Catalonia, we have been working hard for you to make you enjoy new music in this new season.


grup setembreSetembre: It is true (Setembre = September), it could not be at another moment, in the next few weeks the new album by SETEMBRE will be released. Music without artifice made with honesty and a variety that permeates every note, lyrics and melodies to sing again and again and reinterpret them in every listen. "Les hores mortes" (The dead hours) is the title of Setembre debut album. The next day September 18, will be available in all legal music digital platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, ...) and in CD.



xaviturnezXavi Túrnez: who was the lead voice of TÚRNEZ & SESÉ band, putting music in a poems write by Catalan authors, now ventured alone and in the coming months will see the light his new solo album "LLUM". An album with simple songs that are going to talk about feelings, thoughts and relationships between human beings.






rogermargaritnoudiscRoger Margarit: Its fresh & quality pop exceeded in this new album by the singer of Ruby (Catalonia), Roger Margarit . "El secret del Bàrman" it’s going to be the next Roger Margarit album which we will also release in this next season. Under the artistic production of Blind Records Studio, they have managed to squeeze the best Roger Margarit can give. Songs like "L'home de Negre", "La cançó del Menda", "Hivern of marbre"... will be part of this second album. 

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BIFLATS "Catalan Fanfare"

The first Catalan fanfare with Catalan Cobla sound. Biflats propose party and fanfare, fun is ensured. Thrilling rhythms with the power of the catalan cobla sounding. Biflats are a cobla that breaks molds: a fun cobla. Own songs that describe their particular humoristic-rural imaginary, and also cover classic Catalan popular culture songs.

Biflats is formed by high quality musicians, musicians with a long artistic background, who have recorded or been part of important bands such as Sau, Els Pets, Muchachito Bombo inferno, orchestras and coblas such as La Principal de la Bisbal, Costa Brava International Orchestra, Cobla La Flama de Farners, or in companies like Dagoll Dagom or Els Comediants.

📺Cúmbia del Pirineu: http://bit.ly/2AXuM4y
📺Pèl a les aixelles: http://bit.ly/video-biflats
💿Amazon: http://amzn.to/2xTqI6K
🔉AppleMusic: http://apple.co/2xiZNyc
🔉Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2wzEJX7



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Picap in the World Music Charts Europe

imatge wmce 





Picap is happy to announce that we are the only Catalan record label who has 2 albums in the prestigious list World Music Charts Europe. We are talking of BEA GARCIA with the album "Sincronías" and the new TONI XUCLÀ album "Una terra sense mapa".

Bea Garcia has been for two consecutive month in the list and rising position. She began in thw 128 out of 173 and now she is in the 43.

Toni Xuclà has been the most talked entry to the list, he entered directly into the 38 position.

Once a month specialists in World Music of 24 European countries select their TOP10 and this finally appears on the list. This is a great opportinuty for our World Music artists to be known and broadcasted in different european countries such as Finland, Estonia, Slovenia, Austria,...


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2015 New Releases

Picap started this 31st year of its history with all the strength and enthusiasm, full of new releases from well known artists and many, many bets for promising new artists, convinced that more than one artist will be a hit. As always, following the editorial line of Picap, we seek a balance between artistic maturity and promising newcomers working with all the musical genres and all the different public.

xavier dotrasWe will release a new album by the brilliant jazzman Xavier Dotras Trio, an album with 10 new songs between jazz and classical with all the strength with which we are accustomed. The first album of the band led by Jordi Bardavio, Ràdio Pícnic, under the production of Micky Forteza. Also this 2015 will be the year of the debut album of a real promise, Oriol Padrós, write down well this name because surely you are going to hear it. We will see the first solo album by Xavier Túrnez, solo voice in Túrnez & Sesé band, Xavier interpretive sensitivity to service of a new projectdarania framed in the line of singer-songwriter pop. If Xavier Túrnez releases his personal project, so does his partner Daniel Sesé leading the band Darània with a splendid singer-songwriter pop with the beautiful voice of Ivet Remacha.

The eagerly awaited second album of successful Blaumut will be one of the most important news releases of the season. Season in which we will also enjoy a new album from the band of sailor and tavern song (sea chants), Port Bo, that will release a new album with the debut in the formation of Pep Nadal. The hardest rock will also be in luck with the new album by Leyenda. New roger margarit pop album by Jordi Sandalinas. Roger Margarit has gained significant success with his first album, especially in the digital market, prepares the second album of his career, with new highly crafted songs that mark an important evolution in his career.

One of the most exciting new additions to the catalogue of Picap is the Catalan rumba band Sabor de Gràcia that will surprise us with an album of new songs and some unexpected versions, a deluxe album to celebrate the 20thsabor de gracia anniversary of the band. There is also a very important new artist from Valencia, Mara Aranda, one of the most prestigious world music singers preparing what will probably be the best album of her career.

There will be more debut albums, like Ramon Mitjaneta or Xavier Bosch, some albums recovery such as the forgotten Pop a la Catalana 1 produced by Òscar Dalmau, who in turn will release the Pop a la Catalana 4. New albums by Cobla Contemporània with "Dedicats" and "Sardaxou" collections or Cobla de Cambra de Catalunya preparing an album with the full works in “sardanes” of Juli Garreta, or an album based on the work of Lluís Benejam with Josep Maria Serracant and Albert Guinovart in the production.

joan isaacChapter apart deserves this 2015 release of the second volume of "Joies Robades" by Joan Isaac with luxury collaborations.

This is a little review among the productions that surely will be released this 2015, but there are many others that are baking in the oven, they are with the composition or production and probably also be released throughout this year that promises to be a year of musical excellence with a lot of quality.


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Història de Catalunya amb Cançons (Versió Actualitzada 2014)

portada HCC 2014 eng

It was the year 1971 when Ros Marbà wrote the History of Catalonia with Songs from the texts written by Jaume Picas. An album had been released with the vocals of the singer and performer Guillermina Motta, La Trinca and a children chorus. The album was a fun way to bring the history of Catalonia to children, putting music and voice in some of the most important facts of the country, from Guifré el Pilós to the literary Renaissance. Now, using the framework of the celebration of the tercentenary of the facts of 1714, the history of Catalonia with songs has been updated so that it can continue to serve as an educational tool and promote the history of Catalonia among children.


So, Antoni Ros Marbà has put music to Catalan historical facts such as the civil war and the "diada" of September 11. With texts by writer and poet Miquel Desclot for new songs. Thus, the "Historia de Catalunya amb Cançons" has been updated and supplemented with 5 new songs, has lengthened the narrative and have been reinstrumented some existing songs. With music by the Symphony Orchestra of Barcelona and National of Catalonia, with the narratives by Lloll Bertran and Lluís Soler, with the voices of Nina, Josep Maria Mainat and Toni Cruz and Child Chorus from Granollers.

An album to let children know the Catalan history in a fun and entertaining way, with high quality album.

You can buy the album by clicking the link to our distribution company website Actual Records, searching for CATALUNYA:

logo actual 



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Rafa Valls - Alta Fidelitat

foto grup rafa vallsAfter being part of many bands such as Guaita'ls, Early Fighters, Brick Crisis, etc. Rafa Valls decided to put the knowledge and experience to his music and in 2011 he began working on what is the most ambitious project of his career.

Rafa Valls releases his debut album "Alta Fidelitat", thirteen pop-folk style songs that make a trip between music and the most primal emotions. Based on the knowledge and experience, Valls said he wants to retrieve and merge styles and harmonies from U.S. pop-folk with lyrics in Catalan. According to the artist from Terrassa, Alta Fidelitat is an album filled with songs that sound old and new at once.

"Sóc jo" is the opening track of the album and was the first single. A song about the doubts generated by sharing life with another person. Small stories that make us great and Rafa tells us in pop-folk key, in a seesaw of intensities and rhythms.

CD format: logo actual records


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portada 4hivernsJ.V. Foix (Catalan poet) wrote "Four Christmas and one New Year", Carles Carol has named his solo album under the name of four winters "4hiverns". The coldest season of the year marks the climate of an intimate and secluded album, that is going well to listen sheltered indoors, near the stove or fireplace with a coffee in hand. Carles begins a new phase, after two albums as a composer and guitarist of First Aid Kit and some touring as a musician of Erm. The novelty is that now Carles also sings, and as you can listen he sings very good. Another surprise, more concerning is the slight shift of register. From electronic pop of his former band turn to a more organic one, where the keyboards and bases are better balanced with the Carles guitars, now often in acoustic.

The album kicks off with "Miralls" (mirrors), leaving us two phrases to remember: "Hi ha miralls que mai es trenquen" (There is never broken mirrors) and "Sempre endavant, és la seva feina" (always on, is your job). In "Ignició" (Ignition) we are asked: "Què en farem de tot el que hem après ara que tot just estrenem un món nou?" (What will all do of everything we have learned now that just premiered a new world). A new world that comes back in "Ens farem grans" (we'll grow up), a song name which might sound a sad statement to people who already is old, but the song is a song of hope, optimism and zest for life, with chorus without lyrics who remember those used so often by Pau Vallvé. It is no coincidence: Pau produced the albums of First Aid Kit, and even before he had been part of Experiment Zero with Carles and Jordi Lanuza of Inspira, who released the album "Meltdown" in 1996.

"Un final diferent" (A different ending) keeps the spatial metaphor of Ignició for a relationship, but if there started here comes to the end, when it is announced an "Impacte imminent" (imminent impact). "Dr. i Dra. Schmidt" is a delicious song mixing love with science fiction and ends with an enigmatic phrase: "Però el que més m'agrada és la nostra història... quàntica" (But what I like the most is our story... Quantum story). "la fugida" (The Flight) is the most rhythmic song of the album, with its insistent rhythm of clapping.

The album has been recorded by Arnau Vallvé at Can Sons Studios, the studio where he records with his band, Manel. Besides Arnau and Pau, Jordi Lanuza also collaborates and Agnès Aran (voice of First Aid Kit) and other musicians who have accompanied Carles throughout his learning. Here you are 4hiverns that will help you pass that cold moments, and face an uncertain future that awaits us with strength and courage, expecting more to come.

Text by Esteve Farrés


You can find the album at our distribution company searching for "hiverns"

logo actual 









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Rome Jazz festival is to welcome the audiovisual concert of the Xavier Dotras Trio´s "Vincent"

xavier dotras

The band is to represent Catalan Jazz in a programe headed by Herbie Hancock and Joe Jackson.

The Xavier Dotras Trio will bring the audiovisual show of "Vincent" to the Rome Jazz festival on the 20th of October. The excellent reception of the album "Vincent" (Picap, 2009) has given the band a chance to perform at important and prestigious international festivals, such as The Midem Festival, Cannes, The Bath Music Festival in England, and at the San Miguel Mas y Mas Festival in Barcelona. The last and most emotive concert of the tour of "Vincent" was held at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.

Beneath the motto "Visual Jazz", The Rome festival this time has decided to choose a relationship between jazz and the world of images. Therefore interest is shown in this interdisciplinary spectacle which combines the interpretation of pieces inspired in "the letters of Theo", Vincent Van Gogh and images related with the life and work of the Dutch painter.With this concert Catalan Jazz is to be represented in this Italian Festival sharing the bill with international figures such as Herbie Hancock, Ambrose Armuncie and Joe Jackson.

The Xavier Dotras trio has to date edited four recorded works. The style of the band is very personal and from the beginning of this formation their music has been influenced by classical, bossa nova, and without forgetting traditional Catalan and Mediterranean music. The formation of the band, Cesar Martinez-drums, and Toni Pujol-double bass,has been together since the original formation of the trio ion the year 2004.

As The Xavier Dotras trio is at present immersed in the tour of their last recording "Preludes" (Picap, 2011) The concert in Rome should be exceptional. This last recording is a homage to the masters of classical and jazz music, for example- Bach, Chopin; Bill Evans, Enrico Pieranunzi, Michel Petrucciani, Henry Mancini and Ennio Morriconi. This repertoire has been played at the Barcelona Jamboree Jazz Club and the Jazz Cave of Terrassa, also at the Euro-fest in Bucharest and the Na Starowcw Jazz Festival in Warsaw Poland.

More information about Roma Jazz Festival: www.romajazzfestival.it

You can also buy the phisical album on our distribution company website Actual Records: logo actual




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VAMOS PA' LA FIESTA by Septeto Santiaguero
portada_septeSepteto Santiaguero release their latest album. VAMOS PA 'LA FIESTA is the title of this new album, the seventh of septeto career which started in 1995. On the album there are 14 tracks and a bonus track, a route through different genres of root Cuban music as Son, Guaracha, Bolero, Traditional Trova, Danzón, Changüí and Pilón. Also Son is combined with Cumbia at the end of the album. A few days ago in their arrival in Spain in the European tour, they presented us songs of the new album and the daily paper El Pais said of them: “All songs can rabidly be danced” and “a well blend into its Caribbean spirit that combines modernity and respect to the essences”.


The album has deluxe collaborations such as: Rubén Blades, Cheo Feliciano, José Alberto El Canario, Luisito Quintero, Jimmy Bosch and Edwin Colón Zayas.


With VAMOS PA 'LA FIESTA Septeto Santiaguero wants to thank the historical counterparts of the salsa movement "for everything they have done in favor of preservation of Son and Bolero" says director and as producer of the album Fernando Dewar.


This is the first occasion on which several of these historical figures of the salsa movement come together to participate in a production with Cuban musicians on the island.


Rubén Blades plays two classics, Lágrimas Negras by Miguel Matamoros and Contéstame by Arsenio Rodriguez. Blades appears also with the unmistakable voice and his alter ego "Medoro Madera", a character created by Rubén Blades to honor the Cuban Son artists, appearing for frst time in an album different from the Rubén Blades ones, that is Vamos Pa’ la Fiesta.


Cheo Feliciano sings “Un poquito de tu amor” (A little bit of your love) a song with Son and Bolero, the authorship of "manzanillero" Julio Gutierrez, who lived a long time in Puerto Rico.


El Canario plays a popular song of Los Compadres in the Dominican Republic, “Amor Silvestre” (Wild Love), by Lorenzo Hierrezuelo, being this version an explicit homage to Reynaldo Hierrezuelo, Rey Caney.


Jimmy Bosch plays the trombone in the “La Reina Isabel” from the great Electo Rosell Chepín, a Danzón whit an implicit tribute to Cachao. Edwin Colón Zayas plays the “cuatro boricua” in “Que le den candela” a bow to the contributions of Van Van to the contemporary Son of Septeto Santiaguero. Luisito Quintero plays the bongo in the changüí song “Yo Si tumbo la mata”.


"We wanted to insert all the guests into the Casa de la Trova (Santiago de Cuba) atmosphere, that who listen to the album imagine them there, singing and playing with us" Fernando Dewar said, who added it was always clear that "These major figures of Latin music would play songs of the masters to those who have admired all their life, as we also revere all every day; always wanted that the album was based on shared passion”.


Among the new published songs appears the signature of prominent Cubans living composers as Rodulfo Vaillant, Alain Pérez and Osnel Odit.


The album was recorded between November 2011 and May 2012 at various studios in Santiago de Cuba, New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and Barcelona. The mastering was done in the 44.1 Studios of Aiguaviva, Girona.



Like the previous album "Oye mi son Santiaguero" which was awarded in the Cubadisco 2011 and nominated in the 2011 Latin Grammy, Picap edits VAMOS PA 'LA FIESTA.

actual You can buy the physical album on the website of the distribution company ACTUAL RECORDS




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Maria del Mar Bonet & Manel Camp - 20 years of "BEN A PROP"

Twenty years ago Maria del Mar Bonet joined the piano of Manel Camp with no other accompaniment. The wonderful voice of Maria del Mar Bonet, nude in front of the piano of Manel Camp, always so personal and accurate, became an authentic beauty. The voice and piano show named "Ben a prop" has rolled through the world and with great success. Only five years ago, on the twentieth anniversary of Picap, they played the show to celebrate the anniversary of our company, performances that were recorded on the album and DVD of the anniversary.

Now that 20 years have passed of that approach, Manel and Maria del Mar even want to get closer, more and more... Both have their own career with their bands, but they know that when they get closer, magic appear in an exceptional way, all art, all tenderness, emotion at the highest level.

Maria del Mar Bonet and Manel Camp celebrate the twentieth anniversary of "Ben a prop" with new repertoire in two concerts at the Club Luz de Gas in Barcelona, the next 18 and 19 December at 9:30 pm. These shows will be recorded for posterity, cause what we are going to hear in the Fede Sardà Club in two sessions won’t be close enough to touch for many people, but for the release on CD we have provided Picap.

If I were you I would not miss these shows...

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About the law of the Culture Minister

prop_intelThe state government through the proposed "Draft Law on Sustainable Economy" has pushed the tab for intellectual property rights, but again and as he usually does this government, nobody can take seriously none of their proposals, they are weak and politically vulnerable as never seen before. For the reasonable proposal of the Minister has lasted 24 hours, the time invested for hackers to put fear in the body of the President Zapatero.

The proposal of the Minister of Culture, but is exceeded in the EU with countries like France or Great Britain, is quite good and consistent, but how could it be otherwise, criminals have turned a bitter debate full of falsehoods on the Internet and by the media complicit in the crime and also with the explicit support of the main opposition party.

The Draft law of the Minister is about to close the internet portals that violate the intellectual property, nothing else ... and the attacks are saying that this affects the freedom of expression and fundamental rights (?)

Steal is synonymous with freedom of expression?, Do not let them steal, is to attack fundamental rights?

p2pWe would like the society could understand that when someone is downloading a movie, a book, an album, a song, etc.. by the P2P system or by illegal direct download, is stealing, to be smooth we say it is a misappropriation, and thus committing crimes, cause the composition, the author's work should be remunerated equally that of the interpreter and just like the producer, cause without such remuneration are doomed to disappear author, performer and producer and with them the music and with the music, the Culture.

The authors are not very well regarded because they belong to a centuries-old society that has often acted with arrogance and that has alienated much of the population, but we must remember that is only one managing entity and that Authors should defend the impact of their work.

The performers are the ones best regarded, for obvious reasons, but often people forget that their interpretations also have rights that must be kept.

And producers also suffer a bad image, in our view, due to a long and deadly policy of arrogance and macroeconomics interests of multinationals in the sector. But beyond that there is an indie industry, small and medium with other criteria, we must consider that without the figure of the producer and the talent of the author or the performer does not get anywhere. Figure of the producer is needed to allow the final work, and make available to the general public, we don’t need to say that to produce music we need strong economic investments that are amortized primarily by the sale of recorded legal music.

The hackers, and various criminals that support them, often say that we should change the business format and saying this banality they believe they have found gold, stay happy and in good conscience to continue committing crimes ...

musicaWe don’t know any serious Record Label that has not restated business, otherwise they would have closed. Obviously that has changed the social and cultural habits and that new generations create a different demand for recorded music consumption and production companies have adapted and continue to adapt to new demands of society, with all technologies known to date. But if anyone thinks the new format of the Record Labels business is giving away products, they have not understood anything.

Does anyone understand that in the name of freedom of expression and fundamental rights, it could create a free exchange of stolen cars? And people annoys if the government told them that this is wrong and they have to close the space?

For this reason, exactly this reason, is what defenders of the exchange music files protected by intellectual property law are doing, with the support of some of the media and the Partido Popular (political party) that go across the street without blushing...

From Picap we give full support to the proposal of the Minister of Culture, we want to force the government and political parties represented in the Congress of Deputies to give support to the law, so that Spain stop being the shame of Europe, as we should not forget that this state has the highest rate of piracy of the Union and one of the most pirates on the planet.

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New compilation of MÚSICA LAIETANA - ZELESTE

Picap is launching a new compilation of Música Laietana - Zeleste with bands like Orquestra Mirasol, Secta Sònica, Barcelona Traction, Música Urbana, Iceberg, Pau Riba, Gato Pérez, Toti Soler among many others. Here we show you the  introduction text of the new compilation: 


portada_zelesteeHistory sometimes betrays us and is unfair with events that take place and mark a turning point in an art form. Sometimes, therefore, it is necessary to look back at the past and revise it. In the world of music, we could say that history has not fairly explained everything that happened in Barcelona during the seventies and which gave birth to a generation of unique musicians and interesting, innovative and avant-garde music of great importance. During the seventies, Barcelona was a small city living the final stages of Franco’s dictatorship, and the first political transition which was accompanied by an explosion of freedom, experimentation and creativity. The last few years of the sixties and the first few of the seventies were marked by the first wave of progressive rock which never really developed fully but that did create a breeding ground where various musicians and groups could shape a new musical universe. This whole movement came together with the creation of the venue Zeleste in Carrer Argenteria.

The founder and ideologist behind this venue was Victor Jou who, during a visit to London (in 1970), attended a Cream concert at the mythic Marquee and, impressed by the venue and everything he had experienced there, decided to open a venue in Barcelona which would offer all kinds of music and provide an outlet for everything that was going on in the city. Zeleste was a meeting place for all those artists and a place where they could play together. In the few years that the movement lasted, Zeleste created a management office, their own record label (Zeleste-Edigsa) and a music school. What’s more, the venue became renowned and was where most international artists performed.

But the most important thing, and what concerns us here, is the musical legacy that the Zeleste era left behind and which history seems to have forgotten, the so-called laietana music (música laietana).

We may ask ourselves what laietana music is and what it was reacting to. It is very difficult to find an all-encompassing definition. We can, however, try to find a few references and concepts which will help us get started.

First of all we should highlight what was happening on the international music scene at the end of the sixties and beginning of the seventies to see what influenced the musicians who were part of that underground Barcelona movement.

The release of the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band LP by the Beatles was an important musical event which took place at the end of the sixties and marked a turning point.

When it went on sale, this work changed the concept of the LP and started an unprecedented revolution. It was a conceptual, avant-garde album which did away with the three minute limit for songs.

barclona_tractionnIn the world of electric rock, artists such as Jimmy Hendrix were also marking a shift in the history of music. Apart from them, there were others, like Bob Dylan....
The most significant influence on Barcelona’s musicians however came from the most experimental and innovative jazz musicians. In a Silent Way by Miles Davis was a starting point later followed by other works by Davis like Bitches Brew, bands like Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter’s Weather Report, the Return to Forever by Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock.

All of these musical gems and other influences like Soft Machine, Latin rhythms, Caribbean forms, certain elements of North African music and, naturally, Mediterranean sounds and the traditional Spanish and Catalan music, merged to create a new and different form of experimental music which came to be known as laietana music.

But it’s best to leave definitions behind and each of us enjoy this compilation and draw our own conclusions from it. Take your time to savour it little by little, get comfortable and let yourself be carried away by the sounds and melodies of this music collection.

author of the text: Àlex Gomez Font

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New album: Maria del Mar Bonet


maria del mar bonetTwo weeks ago Maria del Mar Bonet started to record what will be her new album “Bellver”, together with the Balearic Symphony Orchestra conducted by Salvador Brotons and production by Toni Cuenca.



This new album will be launched with the emblematic songs of her career as a singer into orchestral and symphonic format. Songs from all the Mediterranean side.



The name of the album lives up to the XIV century castle of Bellver located in Palma de Mallorca overlooking to “Portopí” and the “Serra de Tramuntana”… here comes the name “Bell veer” medieval Catalan), the chosen place where took place the presentation of the show.


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grup_vuitIt's been a couple of weeks that Picap has the new album of Vuit, the new promise of pop-rock in Catalan.

The members, from Tarragona and Barcelona, are Carlos (voice and guitar) and Ramon (electric guitar). Then comes Oscar (drums) and Enzo (bass, vocals).

In early 2009 they released a demo that got them to issue their first album "Un dia qualsevol" (any day) consisting of ten emotional and commit songs.

The album begins with the single "Cada cop", a fresh hit. Following by songs like "Tornarem”, " Julia ", " Princesa ", "Crida" that invite you to romanticism and sensitivity with the strength and energy characteristic of this new and young band.

A pop-rock band with touches of alt-rock, with a particular sound and innovative. With clear influences from the new indie-pop that make this band remember other band od the same style.

Listen to the single in Vuit Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/vuitsomtots

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Història de Catalunya amb cançons 2.0 “Trifulkes de la KatalanaTribu”
In 1971 Edigsa published the album "Història de Catalunya amb cançons" (History of Catalonia with songs) with texts by Jaume Picas and music played by Antoni Ros Marbà and singed by Guillermina Motta, Toni Cruz and Josep Maria Maina among others.

This album led to many people a first approach to the history of Catalonia, at that time tyou couldn't learn it in schools. The published album was released in the middle of the censure.

artwork_hcc2.0Today, Picap with different partners as Toni Xuclà, Joan Vilamala and Joaquim Vilarnau, have decided to renew the concept to fit the youth of the twentieth century under the name of "Història de Catalunya amb cançons 2.0" (History of Catalonia with songs 2.0) a joint project with the book and play "Trifulkes the KatalanaTribu". Also extending the frontiers finishing the album reaching the democracy period.

The result is a fresh album that combines different musical genres and consolidated artists like Eric Vinaixa (Rodamons singer), La Carrau, Clara Andrés, Névoa, Shuarma, Xazzar, Carles Belda, Pau Alabajos, Mirna Vilasís, Miquel Mariano, Marta Rius, Lluís Cartes, Sanpedro  and Titot.
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Picap at the Manresa's Mediterranean Fair 2009

As we did the past 11th September for our national party day, next week Picap will be at Manresa’s Mediterranean Fair with a stand in Pere III street, dedicated to all the Catalan Countries music.

You can find us from November 6th to 8th providing a great variety of music created in Catalan Countries that Picap has been publishing during the 25 years of professional career in the music industry, as well as emblematic albums from the acquisition of the Edigsa’s and PDI’s catalogues. Among many others you can fins albums like:
-Xesco Boix
-Ara va de Bo
-Maria del Mar Bonet
-Al Tall
-Ramon Muntaner
-Santi Vendrell
-Ovidi Montllor
-Túrnez & Sesé
- Sau
-La Dharma
-Carles Dénia
-Les reedicions de la música de Zeleste
-Orquestrina galana
-Port Bo
-Santi Arisa
-L’home del sac

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Albums à la Carte? Yes it's possible !!!
There is no doubt that new technologies offer us a new dimension of consumption and leisure time, either by making friends with social networking, buying movie, theater or concert  tickets, or shopping games and dvds and  in our case music records. So far we know that consumption from joining certain music style, artist,...

discos_cartaNow Picap offers a new way to apply new technologies to your musical pleasure: ALBUMS À LA CARTE Service.

Our commitment is to exceed the individual to generalize and making the album with the artists songs that you can find in Picap’s website. We could say that until now we recorded the albums which we think would like our unconditional music lovers, we chose everything, for 25 years it seems that we have been successful.

We will go on with our project, but as a company we know the need to adapt to new technologies, to take them and give to our friend the possibility to choose among our artists, to create their own CD. You now have the opportunity to create your preferred album, decide the songs ... Can you imagine a CD with Pegasus, Maria del Mar Bonet, Sau, el Cant del Barça... together?
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The best Núria Feliu's albums are being released for a second time
nuria_feliuInside the project of recovery of the Catalan music heritage Picap has begun the new edition of the Núria Feliu albums recorded by Edigsa and Pdi, a total of 10 CD’s.

Núria Feliu has made popular in Catalan North-American standards of country, jazz, big songs of movies, suited songs composed by Lleó Borrell and Josep Maria Andreu. In short we can say that Núria is the great voice of the melodic song, swing and jazz in Catalan, with a great level of interpretation and always with the best musicians, if not accompanied by other great voices, like Josep Carreras and Albert Closas. Now, we will find her albums in physical and digital format, we can again enjoy her songs.

disc_nuriaLast week it was released the album recorded in 1965 with important jazzmen of that time as Tete Montoliu, Erich Peter, Billie Brooks and Booker Ervin appreciated beyond our borders.

We are pleased to announce that soon we will release for both traditional stores and digital stores albums such as: Núria Feliu/Josep Carreras "Més que mai" (PDI, 1985), Núria Feliu "Amb cor i ànima" (PDI, 1989), "Núria Feliu/Lou Bennett i els seus amics" (EDIGSA, 1966) and Núria Feliu "Cançons d'entre guerres" (PDI, 1986) among others.

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Maria del Mar Bonet "Terra Secreta" show in Manacor

bonet_maria del marOn October 18th Maria del Mar Bonet will present her show "Terra Secreta" at the Teatre de Manacor.
Known as the great voice of the Mediterranean, Maria del Mar Bonet sang and collaborated with artists like Zulfu Livanelli, l'Ensemble de Musique Traditionelle de Tunis, Milton Nascimento, Mikis Theodorakis, Jackson Browne, Lluis Llach, Joan Manuel Serrat and Nacho Duato among many others. Touring various countries in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.
"Terra Secreta" is the show that will bring the artist in Manacor. Accompanied by her band, presents this intimate concert. With songs by Joan Bibiloni, Jordi Guardans, Ovidi Montllor, Guillem d'Efak and Joan Manuel Serrat. A show where Maria del Mar Bonet shows her most intimate, personal and secret side.
We hope you can attend and enjoy the concert as possible.

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Habaneras and Town Parties Summer
Picap is not going on holiday, we prefer to think about new music proposals and continue with our policy of reedition of this back-catalog, which makes us feel so proud, of EDIGSA and PDI.

As a brand new notice we can say that in a few days we’ll launch the last Orquestra Maravella cd, called “Ballem?” A disc with international tracks interpreted in catalan. Don’t miss the music at every party town this summer! If you want to view the schedule of the Orchestra Maravella you can visit this link: http://www.maravella.com/frames.htm

Although it has recently come on the market, we would like to remind the project so interesting with the Cobla Montgrins and Port Bo. On the album "Acoblats" will find an incredible fusion of Habanera with the sound of Cobla.

If you want to see Port Bo concert schedule for this summer you can visit this link: http://www.portbo.com/calendari.htm  

If you want to see the Cobla Montgrins schedule of concerts for this summer you can visit this link: http://www.orquestramontgrins.com/?doc=560&sec=3  

We hope not to have stressed you with so many concerts, our intention is just to shake your ass!
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Picap, Merlin member

membre_merlinThis week Picap has progressed in terms of digital purposes. We have joined the Merlin association.

Merlin is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of making more competitive the independent music industry.

It is the first entity that works for the interests of independent music worldwide. Its mission is to represent its members in digital agreements that are not readily available locally or individually and/or are not adequately covered by existing agreements. Seeks to occupy the niche between the collection entities and what the record labels can get for themselves.

acticcle_merlinThe objectives of Merlin are:
-Protects the copyrights of our members in light of infringement or abuse.

-Establishes effective access to revenue streams previously unavailable to independents.

-Creates a body that acts as an efficient, broad reaching and direct entry point to our sector.

This will open to Picap new ways of return for our extensive catalog apart from the reedition work that we are doing for the catalogs of EDIGSA and PDI, adapting them to modern technology with the possibility of buying all music in digital format.

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Music sales fall 30% during 2009
ifpirecordsAccording to the report published by IFPI (International Federation of the Record Industry), entitled "Record Industry Numbers 2009”, sales of music in Spain fell by 30% over the 2009 and the impact of piracy exacerbates the situation for the first months of the year.

Based on data collected from more than 70 countries, Spain is in ninth position in terms of recorded music. This reveals that even with the high quality of musical productions, is not in the proper place due to the high rate of piracy, which is one of the highest in the Western world.

graffThis downward trend in terms of buying music legally, IFPI value in a drop of over 50% compared to 2001, with 7 years of consecutive decline and the trend is exacerbated when we think in the crisis we are nowadays.

Consequently, sales of legal music in digital format are still ridiculous compared to other countries much more aware, with only 11% through a computer or mobile phone connection, respect to the 21% that gives us the international reckoning, there is also an special fact in Spain, that is the internet access the companies offer here and the conditions that are offered in other countries, a lot more speed but less price.
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Gerard Sesé –fresh catalan pop, innovative, different & quality-

Picap is about to launch the album "Sota la Dutxa" (Under the Shower) of the new artist in our label, Gerard Sesé.

This guy from Bellaterra (Barcelona), journalist by profession and finishing political science, since he was young he was involved in the art world, both for the piano classes who received or his interpretative skills.

Gerard likes to wake up passion around the people and not leave anyone indifferent, as he rightly says "Create, compose and perform my songs is one of my passions, but really what I like is that people enjoy, laugh, cry (in doesn’t matter) listening to me".You can listen to the new single "Vull tornar a sentir" (I want to feel again) here:
foto_article_web play Gerard Sesé - Vull tornar a sentir

The singer describes himself as a different singer, "Gerard Sesé is like an stage bug trying to make a different catalan music to what we are used to. Try to approach the English-pop sung in Catalan".

In previous albums Gerard has reached the semifinals and winning contests such as Enganxa't a la música and Carles Sabater prize. We wish Gerard he win many more prizes. Go on Gerard.

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Digital Music 2.0.

At the end of last month Picap participated in the Digital Music 2.0 workshop.
Besides talking about the main issues that concern to music industry, the speaker Juan Paz from Musically wanted to focus on the need of today's music industry companies to attract the attention of fans who are mainly in social networks and they create all content.

But to do this we need to have a set of clear concepts before, such as those defined (RSS, widget, wordpress, web 2.0., User-created content, social network,...). And here is where Juan Paz wanted to show the different possibilities offered by the network to promote the artist, with a special emphasis on social networking and content creation. We saw different tools to distribute content on the web (Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Reverbnation, e-mail, podcast,...).


It also introduced the concept of FRM (Fan Relationship Management). Here we have to use all the tools that the network has for a consistent marketing strategy and achieve all the objectives.

Finally we saw different cases of digital strategies, some successful and others less so. As an example we discuss the case of groups that record exclusive sessions for different internet music services like Last.FM,  Spotify, Napster... and other very interesting examples.

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Digital music sales grows 25% in 2008

ifpiThe International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, IFPI, showed results telling that legal sales of digital music have been $3,700 million for 2008, €2,800 million, representing an increase of 25% respect the previous year, 2007.

Japan leads the legal purchase of music via the mobile telephone with more than 140 million songs downloaded, while U.S. is the leader in selling digital music with a 50% market share worldwide, 1,100 million songs legally downloaded. Despite these figures, 95% of all music that was downloaded last year was illegal, that is to say, no money for the intellectual work of making music, produce it and launch it on the market. IFPI estimates that were made up to 40 billion illegal files download over the past year.

Cut the internet connection to those who download music illegally:

epoliIFPI’s chairman, John Kennedy believes that limiting access to Internet is the only way to end the piracy. Insists that the Internet providers are the ones who have to handle the user / "client" to not to download illegal content, from IP addresses information. It is not only a problem in the music industry, but also film, television and books, due to the extension of unauthorized download.

At the recent International Forum of Digital Content, FICOD'08, organized by the Industry Ministry of the spanish government, the vice president of Software Alliance in Spain, Alfonso Sort explained that 43% of Spain software was illegal, and in some regions reached 60%. All this was an economic loss of €659 million.

These two views show where the industry have to go in the near future while the french Senate has just sanctioned a law of illegal downloads that President Sarkozy has personally endorsed, here in Spain, the courts give free legality to P2P downloads because these platform are not looking for profits.

The law approved in France, with sanctions to the user until one year without Internet applied after two warnings. Put in operation a cyberspace police to protect the rights of intellectual property.

Half of the on line purchase will be legal in 2013:

The French example should encourage the protection of intellectual property rights in the cultural world; we don’t have to forget that involve three main actors, the creator, producer and the distributor. In this new world of cyberspace we could settle that everything costs nothing, it’s free, while the job of putting it on the network is nothing.

ipodThe spanish judges are beginning to say that the penalty process against downloading piracy is not the appropriate jurisdiction, because if there is an economic damage, the civil jurisdiction can contemplate damage the cyber pirate.

In fact the report U.S. Music Forecast, 2008 to 2013 reveals that in five years, 55% of users who make purchases online typically will pay to download music. Despite this positive perspective, the study anticipates that the decline in CD sales can not be offset by higher revenues from the "Electronic Download" of music. The consultant company says the musical market in United Stats will be reduced in the next five years by four hundred million dollars, the current income of $10,200 will down to $9,800 million dollars.

However, and according to the report, even though piracy is leading the online music downloads, legal purchases begin to be increasingly popular among U.S. internet users. Companies like Amazon that allow legal downloads of MP3 compatible with all music player without any restrictions, are pushing sales of digital music.

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Xavier Dotras Trio surprise us with VINCENT


foto_1Xavier Dotras has recorded with his usual trio, Toni Pujol on bass and Cèsar Martínez on drums his latest album "Vincent", which has the support of the singer Carme Canela, in some tracks. It is an album totally dedicated to the ife and works of Vincent van Gogh with a prominence of the Dotras piano where the rest of the group gives the exact replica of swing and improvisation.

Dotras was keyboardist for the legendary Catalan pop-rock band "N'gai-N'gai" and pianist in group Gospel Viu!, with which he recorded several albums. It makes a valuable contribution to the Jam-session of the Mozart Space in Calella, although he spend the time teaching music, in secondary schools and music schools. He is also director of the Orfeó Misericòrdia in Canet de Mar.

foto_2According to the media from Maresme the presentation of the album was great, "Xavier Dotras Trio's presented the new album VINCENT  is an excellent performance of this trio led by the composer and musician Xavier Dotras in the piano, Tono Pujol with double bass, and Cèsar Martínez on drums, they made an atmosphere of good music to those who were able to listen them in Pineda de Mar, in the opening of Acords cycle of music, at the Pati de Can Comas, organized by the Council of Culture".

Xavier Dotras has been performing in many concert halls and the main Catalan auditoriums as (Jamboree, Sala Bikini, Jazz Cava de Vic, Auditori de Barcelona, Auditori de Girona, Auditori del Forum, Auditori de Tarragona, etc.) and numerous jazz festivals in Catalonia and Spain. Also highlights the performances in the "Jazz Club Soho” in London and the "Bath Music Festival”, broadcasted in live on the BBC in the program Line-up.


Listen to the single here: play Xavier Dotras Trio - Les Iris

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50 years of "AL VENT"
raimonThe Polytechnics University of Valencia celebrate the 50 years of Raimon’s song “Al Vent”, with different things:

1) An anthological recital of the singer, accompanied by his quartet of musicians: Fernando Serena, Miquel Blasco and Joan Urpinell, Pau Domènec
2) An exhibition
3) Various publications

The exhibition consists of original pictures of Joan Miró, Antoni Tàpies and Andreu Alfaro that these artists have done for various book covers and LP's, as well as originals of Pere Joan Viladecans, Guinovart, Artur Heras and other painters designed for posters or inspired by Raimon’s performances. Those who visit the exhibition will find at the entrance a big sculpture by Andreu Alfaro "Raimon: la veu d’un poble”

29 posters will be exhibited from different performances of Raimon (including those of France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, USA, etc) since 1963 until now.

Eight windows with press releases, photos, flyers, books and CDs from here and from many countries where Raimon have been singing.

The University has published a catalog, a CD with different singers (Serrat, Dyango, Moncho, Esther Formosa and Toti Soler, Verdcel, etc..) performing songs of Raimon and a rewrite of the Raimon’s biography by Joan Fuster published in 1964 and the poetry book of Raimon "D'aquest viure insistent" published in 1986.

The May 8 at 8 pm Raimon will sing in the hall of the Nexus building of the University.

The exhibition will run until the June 23.
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Susanne Georgi, Andorran representative at Eurovision Song Contest with "Get a Life / La Teva Decisió"

susanne_1On 4th February, the audience of Radio and Television of Andorra, and the jury of media professionals have decided that the Danish singer resident in the Andorra, Susanne Georgi, is going to represent the country with the pop song "Get a Life / La Teva Decisió" for the next Eurovision Song Contest held in the Russian capital, Moscow, on May 12.
The jury and the audience agreed on the positions of the three finalists of "Passport to Moscow" TV show for RTV Andorra, both rankings leaded by Susanne Georgi, followed by Lluís Cartes, and finally Mar Capdevila. This last singer, is the only performer who had participated in the three programs of the Andorran representative to Eurovision, where the audience could vote for the election.

Susanne Georgi is 32 years old, and 13 year ago she fell in love for the Pyrenees Country, where he continued his musical career as a solo artist because together with his sister, Pernille Georgi, formed in the second half of the 90s the duo Me&My achieving an international hit in 1999 with the song "Let the love go on”.

susanne_2However, Susanne enjoy the same success in music nowadays, since she arrived in Andorra, which has not only welcomed, but she is now speaking an excelent Catalan which has been very useful to her to finally become the Andorran representative.

Eurovision community know her because in 2007 she competed to represent Denmark, with the duo Me&My; but they obtained a sixth place in the national final with the song "Two Are Stronger Than One". But her sympathy captivated the Danish audience and they chose Susanne Georgi as a part of the jury to score the countries to the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007.

Picap has been chosen by RTV Andorra to edit the single that will represent Andorra. You can listen here:

play  Susanne Georgi - "Get a Life / La Teva Decisió"

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Ramon Sauló's unique concert

Ramon Sauló, our singer songwriter from Cerdanyola is going to play the next May 2nd at 10 pm in Ateneu from Cerdanyola a unique concert in the framework of the village parties.

Ramon Sauló’s concert will be a real reunion for people from Cerdanyola. Ramon developed a short but intense interpreter career during the 70s and 80s. He recorded an album with CBS with a song dedicated to Cerdanyola, Bona nit. But aside from this record, he composed very good and many songs dedicated to love and to those little things that surround us.

Thirty years later, with the new perspectives offered by maturity, Ramon has composed songs that surpass the sincerity and freshness and has put it all in an album released in Picap "Som Així ...". And for the annual village parties the Ateneu from Cerdanyola is going to present a unique concert for the unique singer songwrites who has had Cerdanyola, accompanied by an exceptional group of musicians: Toni Xuclà, Pep Coca, Josep Traver, Eloi López and Joan Carles García, plus collaborations surprise. A feast to be reunited with the beautiful memories of a not so distant Cerdanyola.


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New Radio Program from Picap - PICANT MÚSICA
The president of the Local Radio Federation in Catalonia (FRLC in Catalan), Manel Ramon, and the general director of our record label, Joan Carles Doval, signed this last month a collaboration agreement with the aim of promoting synergies of both organizations, and is materialized with the first production.

The Local Radio Federation in Catalonia and Picap are going to start to record next week, coinciding with St. George party (very important in Catalonia), the production and dissemination of a series of 12 programs of 30 minutes devoted to music in Catalan; program called PICANT MÚSICA.

The program will offer all time hits as well as the latest songs released by Picap located in Castellar del Vallès, but acting globally. In fact, because of the geographical proximity, the first 12 programs will be recorded in Radio Castellar and will be spread asap to all broadcasters who wish through the website of the FRLC, www.radiolocal.cat.

The host of this program in Radio Castellar, Carla Sanmartín will present the program together with different responsible of Picap that are going to help in explaining the content of the program, either by presenting new releases as the different hits achieved during the 25 years of existence of the record label. The program will have the production made by Eduard Garcia, and Jorge Gelabert with the realization.
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Leyenda's new album "Horizontes"


After an intensive and continuous preparation, LEYENDA publish a new album, with a new record label and with an speciall illusion to begin a new stage. With "Horizontes", generic title of the new album of the hard rock band of the most recent generations of Madrid, want to reach all fans of the genre in Spain.

The diversity of their musical ideas makes a wide range of tracks, such as slow tracks and fast and powerful tracks, feature sticky choruses and good melodies, with all kinds of influences from both the eighties classic Heavy as the most modern. The lyrics, many of them worked by the guitar player and singer Antonio S. Montemayor, attempt to explain free interpretation stories, although originally based on some fact or thought.

LEYENDA has been playing several times around Catalonia and knowing the famous band Sangtraït, thay decided to cover in Spanish one of its song "Inquimissio", a cover that gives a touch of diversity to the CD "Horizontes".

LEYENDA comes from the exchange of musical ideas of the three founding members, David, Fernando and Antonio, with persistence, perseverance and the passage of time gave way to a band with its own style and well received by the media. The work and the fight to raise awareness of the band have always been the dominant notes and as a recognition the band have had the opportunity to play, on several occasions, in the most distinctive music venues in Spain. LEYENDA also has reached popularity outside its natural market, receiving good reviews from the media of other countries.
LEYENDA is currently formed by Alfonso Casasayas Marín on drums, Luis Ángel Andrade Lazo in the rhythmic guitar and solo guitar, Jandro R. Hervás with the bass and Antonio S. Montemayor with the voice and rhythmic guitars.


Listen here the new single "Horizontes":  Leyenda - Horizontes

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Launching the next GÀTACA album "Deliris"

gataca_grupGÀTACA began with the twenty-first century, they do not know exactly if the 2000 or 2001, emulating the argument of the ongoing century. Themselves say to be influenced by demand groups such as Korn, Slipknot, Skunk df, or Hamlet, and claim they came to fill the hole that has Catalan rock in his harder and powerful face. In fact, the vocalist Gonzalo Gironés explains this latest album with these words, "Return of the power, the most powerful and revolutionary sound of Valencian Country. Gàtaca returns with his new job, DELIRIS (Delirium). The most basic instincts take shape and will not be indifferent. Gàtaca, reinventing the rock in Catalan".

gataca_portadaThe fact is that after years of intense work, in 2004, they won the Sona 9, demo contests organized by Catalonia Radio, Catalonia’s TV, and the magazine Enderrock, supported by the Ministry of Culture and the General Directorate for Youth. This award marks the revelation of the band into the Catalan culture, and a promotion throughout the country playing at different concert halls as Razmatazz in Barcelona, and its first clip, and his first professional contract with the label Picap.

Deliris is the new album with 12 new songs, with the Valencian accent that characterizes them. Their lyrics are still talking about the passage of time, the problems and virtues of our urban lives, or the characters of his particular imagination, as the song dedicated to Boris Karloff, qualified as a monster for its public image. But there are other songs like “L’home tranquil” (The quiet man) or “Cançó de bressol” (Lullaby) where they retrieved on melodic rhythms, but not abandoning its powerful mix of electronic music, funk and hard rock.

So, from today and as appetizer for the launch of their new album (March 30) all nu-metal fans can listen to a 3 songs in streaming; ECLOSIÓ, CRIATURES i BUIT. All you need to do is to click the flyer:


ATTENTION: During the next March 30th, and only that day, all nu-metal and Gàtaca lovers will be able to listen the entire album DELIRIS in his website.

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Albert Fibla and Nua are finalists of the prize "Disc català de l’any” (Catalan disc of the year) of Ràdio 4

The Catalan music party, which every year under the name of the first Catalan radio station, Ràdio 4, is celebrated with "El disc català de l’any”, has two artists from  Picap in the final voting process of this prize; Albert Fibla and Nua.




The award "Disc català de l'any" organized by the "Catalunya Exprés" program, which can be heard, to monitor the voting, each Saturday and Sunday from 5pm to 7pm in Ràdio 4. As well as on the internet at http://www.disccataladelany.cat





Also by popular vote on the website http://www.disccataladelany.cat where you can vote Ràdio 4 prizes where Albert Fibla with his album "El món es mou” (Picap, 2008) and Nua for his latest album "Química” (Picap, 2008) are nominated.



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NUA in Barcelona

nua_directeA hundred people joined in the showcase of NUA in their new release of QUÍMICA “Chemistry” (Picap, 2008) at the Forum of FNAC in “El Triangle” of Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona.

Marc Grasas -voice and guitar, Cati Juan -guitar-, Tòfol Martínez –bass-, Joan López –drums- and Eduard Farrés -keyboards- go from the most acoustic folk and the most electric rock of its first album, Lluny (Picap, 2006), to a more electric and experimental sound where textures contrasts are the main aspect of the twelve songs composed by Marc Grasas and arranged by the entire band.

Unlike Lluny, recorded in Mallorca, QUÍMICA was recorded entirely in Sabadell and changing landscape influences the sound of the group, forming a more aggressive and urban album, which penetrates the deepest feelings of people. Do not speak of social relations but of the psychological characteristics of each individual that define it as unique and singular. Therefore, it is an album that talks about optimism and pessimism, love and hate, selfishness and generosity, euphoria and depression and all those feelings that can not be regulated and they travel through the brain as chemistry.

Thus the different songs were played in front of the audience explaining the Monday’s melancholy (DILLUNS in Catalan), misunderstanding of the relationship in VERÍ, or nostalgia for the landscapes as TOSCANA.

video nua 

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Music Awards & Enderrock Awards

Picap is pleased to announce that 3 of the artists and bands of our Record Label will win or are nominated for various music awards.



The first is Albert Fibla, who writes as well in his web "Albert Fibla will receive Enderrock Award by popular vote for best song in the category of singer-songwriters for "Pel seu nom". The event will take place at Sala Bikini, on February 10, beginning at 21:30. "





Yesterday we received an email telling that the following artists & bands are finalists in the "Music Awards". Here we have:
jordi sabatés


Jordi Sabatés eligible for the award for Best Jazz Album for his work "A Propósito De Bola De Nieve” (To Snowball Purpose). A tribute to Cuban musician Ignacio Villa, known as "Snowball."






port boPort Bo opting for the prize for Best Song in Catalan/Valencian by the song "Busca'm  a l'Empordà" of his latest album titled the same. Port Bo are the most popular band of habanera’s songs.


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Recognizing Picap's history


Within the show of Enderrock Awards 2009, this year and for our 25 birthday EDR Group has decided to award a prize to our history in the music industry's contributing to the promotion, dissemination and strengthening of the music scene of Catalonia and all over the world.

The delivery of this recognition will be February 10th at Sala Bikini in Barcelona, from 20:30h




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New year New Challenges

The music industry is in a constant evolution and adaptation process to the market demands. That is why people form Picap are constantly leading new challenges to achieve.
We have just begun 2009 and we want to work hard to continue our musical project, as many of you will know, is trying to recover the memory of the music of Catalonia. This doesn’t mean that we don’t look to the future, but to do so we must have in mind our roots, musically speaking.
caixa_pegasusLast 2008 we reissued different artists who mark an strong period of our history culturally very strong; so from the acquisition of catalogs of Edigsa and PDI and with the help of our partners we can now enjoy artists like Jordi Sabatés, Pegasus, Toti Soler, Ovidi Montllor, Pi de la Serra, Peret... in a high quality and in a format never offered so far, the digital format. This allows us to preserve a piece of our history that will never be forgotten.

caixa_antoEspecially we should note the work done to gather a luxury collection with the 33 CD's of the Historical Anthology of the Catalan Music; important work of classical and traditional music which currently can be purchased in digital format for those who love the music and don’t have enough space at home.
Answering to the high quality of music produced in Catalonia, the past 2008 we could also offer new releases as Companyia Elèctrica Dharma, Lupe Villar, Albert Fibla, Túrnez & Sesé, Rodamons...
2009 is coming with lots of changes regarding to the music industry and especially in Picap. We are making the necessary tasks that will bring us to the way music lovers consume music and the way that they stay in touch with the company.
logo_25Leaving aside the changes that you will be able to see throughout this year, we especially hope to communicate to everyone that ... Yes! We are 25 years old; we will also inform on the different channels available such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter,...
In conclusion we would like to announce some new releases and reissues planned for this year, hopping that you will enjoy. So we will find reissues such as .Oriol  Tramvia, Musica Urbana, Blai Tritono, Escolania de Montserrrat, Rocky Muntanyola, Secta Sònica,... and will appear with new releases Maria del Mar Bonet, Sangtraït's Tribute, Cobla Montgrins & Prot Bo,...

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Historical Anthology of Catalan Music on iTunes

Hi everybody,

Everyone who love classical music now can buy all the CD's that compound the Antologia Històrica de la Música Catalana (Historical Anthology of Catalan Music) on iTunes, the most important digital music shop.

You can see the label room by clicking the photo:


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Midem 2009
midemWe could baptize Midem 2009 as The Midem of  the decline, on the one hand there are many fewer participants than in other editions, the festival's guide-book has almost half of pages than other years, but we can also note the decline in the concerts schedule and in the different delegations parties.

This year's inaugural event on Sunday night was in charge of Russia and has been one of the worst parties that we remember, but there was an interesting pop-singer who was called Sergey, with good acute and a good performance, but compositions were not from the twenty-first century.

midemmEven with the general crisis, we can also notify the new participations as the Chilean delegation, with whom the representatives of our government have held talks on cooperation at a time that we have closed partnerships with the company Infanta Terrible in Chile that is going to release the last record of Maria del Mar Bonet among other productions of Picap.

Another symptom of the crisis is the missing presence of the Catalan press at the fair, where we only found Jordi Rueda from professional magazine Clave and missing journalists who used to come year after year such as Esteban Linés from La Vanguardia and Jordi Biencciotto from El Periodico... Also missing José Miguel López from Radio 3, he had a personal problem.

By the Catalan part and under the brand CATALAN MUSIC, with a good design and professionalism they have done things in the best possible way, though the lack of understanding between ICIC and the Ramon Llull Institute, makes impossible a performance of any of the catalan artists in the most important record industries trade show.

This Midem is not going to go down in history.
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Túrnez & Sesé New Album


turnez_1After working few months recording the tracks at Manresa, the Barcelona’s band, Túrnez & Sesé has a new album to the market: "ROMANÇOS I ESTAMPES DEL 21" (Picap, 2008) its fourth album.

This album achieved by the 15 romances that make up the renewal of language, musical and literary style of this figure. The lyrics pass by a thematic own itinerary of tradition, but with new authorship narratives that are covered in modern arguments.

Túrnez & Sesé make a sound travel through different melodies, rhythms, tones and timbres. The percussion has a role in some romances more rhythmic, other highlights stringed instruments –for the tracks that call for a more lyrical sound-, and other stringed instruments that give a more traditional and popular atmosphere.

In an effort to overcome, the band has developed a very complete album and this time the lyrics are in charge of seven contemporary poets among them Josep de Flix, Montse Gort, Jordi Guardans or Sergi Jover.

turnez_2The poets have created new romances using traditional arguments: love and gallantry, crime and revenge, thieves and bandits, mythical characters, satirical and political events... As a result we will find songs like "Repartiment", "Els Nous Segadors", "La dona alliberada" or "La Princesa bruna".

We must remember that the launch of this record, "ROMANÇOS I ESTAMPES DEL 21", took place in the Great Hall of the Kursaal Theater within the schedule of the eleventh Fair of the Mediterranean celebrated in Manresa where the band conducted an interdisciplinary show where the image was also present through eight illustrator artists that, from visual contemporary language point of view illustrated in a conceptual and narrative way the romance.

Listen to the single: play Repartiment

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Túrnez & Sesé at Barnasants with "Romanços i estampes del 21"

XAVI_TURNEZTúrnez & Sesé is a band that begins in 2001 when they won the contest SONA 9 in the category of singer-songwriters. Since that moment they signed for our record company and edit "Quedarà a paraula” with poems of Desideri Lombarte, "L'arbre de l'esperança" with poems of Carner and Espriu, "Sol blanc”adapting and interpreting a small anthology of west’s language authors, and finally their new release "Romanços i estampes del 21".

During his musical career they has worked with artists such as Quico el Célio…, Maria del Mar Bonet, Lluís Molas, Quartet Quadrifonia, Toni Xuclà, among many others... creating in their performances an intimate atmosphere and force that moves the entire audience.

For this reason, and inside the schedule of Barnasants Festival, the next February 5th at 9:30 pm in the Auditorium Barradas (Rbla Just Oliveras, 56) in Hospitalet de Llobregatyou will be able to enjoy the performance of the new album "Romanços i estampes del 21" showed for first time in the Fira de la Mediterrània in Manresa.

discThe performance is based on the renovation and updating of the literary language of Catalan romances. In this latter albumthe band have created new romances by the hands of contemporary poets who talkabout love and courtship, crime and revenge, thieves and bandits, political events,... projecting images of eight artists to illustrate this romance where space permits.

We hope you enjoy the concert that they have prepared and we leave you with the video of the single "Repartiment":


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Andorra & Eurovision 2009
For the sixth consecutive time Andorra will participate in Eurovision festival and this time with the accumulated experience of the last years of this festival.
Last Saturday at the headquarters of RTVA met the jury chaired by the General Director of the Andorran television, Mr. Enric Castellet. A jury of eight members representing different sectors and visions of the musical world, including the Picap’s director, Joan Carles Doval.

The headline of Andorra’s newspaper said "ATV bet on the talent from home and contrasted to pass to the final" and began the article with "Experiments have been completed: Andorra Television (ATV) bid for the local product with proven experience to pass to the Eurovision final”.

As a novelty this year, the jury will have more weight in voting to determine the winning song.

Andorra has submitted a total of 107 disk models divided into three categories (composers, interpreters and closed projects).
Although Andorra does not have a big budget as it may have other countries, we believe that it may present an interesting project, that especially impact and could be remembered for all the followers of this great contest.

Finally, three are the candidates who are going compete to represent Andorra at the Eurovision festival in Moscow. These are:

-Lluís Cartes with the song “Exhaust
-Susanne Georgi with the song “Get a life
-Marc Durandeau & Marc Canturri with the song “Estrelles d’or
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Albert Fibla - Concert at Cafè Teatre of Lleida.

albert Fibla"El món es mou" is the title of the latest album from the songwriter from Badalona Albert Fibla. The album was released last February and talks about loneliness, isolation and individualism of twenty-first century’s people with songs like "Entre la multitude” (Among the crowd), "Pel seu nom", "Balmes 129" or "De bona lluna".

They have been intense months plenty of concerts, presentations and interviews in major media in the country.

Continuing with the task of bringing his songs and hidden messages, the songwriter is ging to act the next Sunday November 30th at the Escorxador theater’s Cafè of Lleida from 8:30 p.m. The action which is organized by the Association Anti-AIDS  of Lleida will serve to give last presentation of the album "El món es mou".

In this concert we will find Albert Fibla accompanied by old friends as Jordi Belza on guitar and vocals, Valentí Adell at the piano, Guillem Aguilar on bass and Tito Busquets in the drums.

On the other hand we can also listen Albert Fibla on Saturday 29th, from 11:00 a.m. in the show in Catalunya Ràdio "The Supplement" with Núria Ferrer; to talk about his performance in Lleida on Sunday.



 As always remind you that Picap works hard for you to stay on tune of the latest news, concerts and upcoming launches of our artists through the website of Picap, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Netvibes,....

playListen to "Entre la multitud"

You can't miss it!

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Picap's Ring

Would you like to stay on tune with Picap? Do you want to communicate directly to us?
Some months ago we published an article on the website explaining the changes in Picap to adapt to these times.
Under this premise, the marketing department along with the Production and Promotion has been developing new ways of communication, mainly on the internet, and in this post we want to show you different options that you have to follow Picap’s work.

1 .- Do you have Facebook? Look for Picap, you will find us in Facebook pages.
facebookFacebook is the biggest social network that has grown a lot over the past few months and Picap is there with a page where users can sign up as fans. In that page you can find a music player, and also we send updates with the latest news on the web to all our friends.

To sign up is as easy as clicking the following link: http://tinyurl.com/face-picap

2 .- Do you have Myspace?
myspaceMyspace is beggining to be displaced by the Facebook, but it’s still the private community on the network with more artists that display their creations. For Picap becomes an essential tool for discovering new talents. For this reason there is more than a year ago that the company decided to join this community and we can only get good experiences. From Myspace we have found our graphic designer, as well as emerging artists. It really has saved time in listening demos, because lets you create an idea of what is offering the artist.
You will find us at: http://www.myspace.com/picapdiscografica

3 .- Do you have Twitter?
twitterTwitter, according to Wikipedia, is a social networking and microblogging service that allows to connect with your friends with messages from an extension of not more than 140 characters to know at all time what you are doing,... Twitter is also becoming a very powerful marketing tool for businesses and Picap has opened an account where you can add us as a friend and follow every day what the company is doing (artists, attendance at trade fairs, seminars, or just to know the point of views of our workmates,…).
-If you are already a user you can find us with @ Picap

-If you are not user, you can sign up now and follow Picap by clicking the following link: http://twitter.com/picap


4 .- Do you add RSS feeds in the section of bookmarks of your browser? And in your e-mail client?


RSS technology allows you to publish and syndicate content to save time making unnecessary to enter each time on the same page to see if there is new content. In this way, syndicatting the content from Picap’s web you will be able to stay in tune and recieve the latest published news without having to enter each time.


RSS feeds from Picap’s web for the three languages are:

Catalan: http://www.picap.com/xml/ct/picaprss.xml

Spanish: http://www.picap.com/xml/es/picaprss.xml  

English: http://www.picap.com/xml/en/picaprss.xml

There is different options (all of them valid) to syndicate the content of Picap’s web:
a)-To add the feed to the bookmarks of your browser, you only need to copy and paste the previous feeds into the section of your browser (ie Firefox and Internet Explorer)

 firefox Firefox

explorer  Internet Explorer


b)-To add the feed to your e-mail client, you can do it by pasting the feed with your favourite language as follows: (thunderbird, outlook, gmail)

 thunderbird Thunderbird

outlook  Outlook

gmail  Gmail

c)-You can paste the feed in any service of customized homepages like iGoogle and Netvibes. Later we will explain how to do it with Netvibes.


Even so, the latest albums releases are not syndicated, so do not miss the web and type http://www.picap.cat from time to time to see which new artists we have.

5 .- Do you have your browser's homepage customized with Netvibes?
As already mentioned above in the post, with Netvibes or iGoogle you can save time by watching all the information that you normally read on the same page.

netvibesWith Netvibes, Picap has created his Universe with all available information in RSS of the company. You'll find us in the following link:


Moreover, for all those who have an account with Netvibes, you will find feeds and widgets from Picap done to stay in tune of what is happening in the company. You just need to add content and write in the search bar Picap. The next 6 results show 3 news feeds from the web in 3 languages and 3 widgets also available in 3 languages.

You can find syndicated in a single feed all this information and add it in the bookmark bar of your browser by clicking here: 


Finally, if you are a Mac user with a Netvibes account, you can download and install widgets on your dashboard.

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Picap's new artists

We bring you two good news from Picap. Nan Roig, a Rap Metal and Punk Rock band from Barcelona has joined Picap with its second work "Via Fora" (Picap, 2008), in the same way as Leyenda, a Metal band from Madrid.

Nan RoigNan Roig appears for the first time in 2005, formed by experienced musicians of the Barcelona scene, with the aim of moving the audience with a style rare in the Catalan circuit of music: Rap Metal; growing in this way the styles fan of Catalan music.

During 2007, with their first album, "Pandemonium AD" Nan Roig enjoyed a great response and acceptance by the public of the Catalan Countries; that led them to conduct a tour introducing this new musical proposal.

In early 2008, the band locked in the studio to record their new  album that we present today, "Via Fora" (Picap, 2008), addressing 2009 as a year full of performances.

Listen here the new single from Nan Roigplay "El Museu dels Arbres Morts"

LeyendaOn the other hand, Leyenda, a band from Madrid who was born from the musical interest of David, Fernando and Antonio and eventually became a band with its own style acting in almost every concert hall in Madrid, has just joined Picap and during the upcoming spring we will be able to listen to his new album with the new company.


The band is characterized by the variety of their song, as both slow and fast with a lot of powerful influence of Heavy Metal.


We will keep you informed of the progress of the new album of Leyenda with Picap.

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Womex '08 & Picap

Ended the Music Trade Fair Womex it's time to take stock. As every year, a big part of music sector has met in Seville, although this fair focuses on tours and festivals of world music. Held at the Palacio de congresos of Seville, the fair had different spaces as 2 pavilions for the stands, a building where the conference took place, ...

gema 4With more than 650 companies, 320 stands and 2800 delegates, the attendance exceeded the 2007 significantly. With 50 performances of 40 different countries, we were able to enjoy true musical jewels, including a performance of Peret with the accompaniment of some of the components of GEMA 4.


standAs a commemoration of last year's celebration of Womex in Seville (Womex has signed a contract to celebrate it for 3 years in Copenhagen), the festival has wanted to pay tribute to the contribution of Andalusia with flamenco at the World Music. So we enjoyed the performance of the well known Miguel Poveda.

Although it’s not a pure music trade fair, Picap usually is there to give support for international tours of our artists through their discography is an important part of the international boost of our Record Label.

Apart from meetings with physical distributors from different countries; Picap, seeking always to stay in contact with the innovation in the recording industry, adapts to new ways of distribution such as digital distribution. In this sense we take in account this type of distribution, and we met with digital distributors to offer our friends and customers a new way to be closer and detect their musical needs.

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11th Mediterranean Fair at Manresa


fira_logoThe music bands S'Albaida, Túrnez & Sesé and Al Tall will be present at the Fira Maditerrània (Mediterranean Fair) of Manresa.

From October 30th till November 2nd Manresa celebrates the eleventh edition of the Mediterranean Fair devoted to the root and traditional entertainment.

The fair is a market for new artistic creations, inspired by the Catalan tradition or the one more common in the Mediterranean coast.

s'albaida_bandThe band from Menorca S'Albaida will act on Saturday November 1st at 4:30 in the afternoon at the Taverna of the Fair. The band which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary in active will interprete songs of his latest album Xalandria (Picap, 2008) and will end in this way the acts of the Fair.

Talking about S'Albaida is the same to talk about Mediterranean culture, Catalan and Menorquin. We can consider every track of this album as a small piece of popular culture of our country, maintain its poetic structure, but giving it a distinctive sound that we already know about the band.

They mix a concept of lyrics that will endure over time with the music of percussion with touches of flamenco or African music.





turnez_bandTúrnez & Sesé will also act in Manresa presenting at the Fair their latest album "Romanços i estampes del  21" (Picap, 2008) the fourth of this band.

Romanços i estampes del 21 is a show based on the renewal of the literary language, musical and graphic from the Catalan romance. Seven contemporary poets write nine romances using traditional themes. Music and image are the transmission vehicle of these stories, and the melodies are inspired by popular forms, passed by the sound of Túrnez & Sesé, a band specialized in putting music to the poems created by Catalan authors; "Quedarà la paraula" (Picap, 2002), "L'arbre de l'esperança" (Picap, 2004), "Sol blanc" (Picap, 2006) without forgetting the common root of the Mediterranean song and the reasons for the troubadour tradition through an atmosphere of chamber music.

People who want, they may enjoy the new songs in the two concerts that are going to offer in the large room of the Kursaal, the first one on Thursday at 10:30 at night and on Saturday in the same room but at 6 in the afternoon.



altall_bandWithin the range of performances that will give us the Mediterranean Fair, the band Al Tall will present the show "Vergonya, cavallers, vergonya" their new album.

The show revolves around the literary works of James I, which this year celebrates the 800th anniversary of his birth. The aim of the artistic proposal of the band is to claim the hitorical and political figure of the character. To do so, they created a repertory of new tunes that blend elements from different Mediterranean traditions, and have the voices of two exceptional guest artists: the Mallorcan Tomeu Penya and the Occitan Jan Maria Carlotti.

We are in front of an album which is set to make history, that Picap will publish during the first half of 2009.

We can see the show at Manresa on Sunday November 2 in the large room of the Kursaal at 1 p.m.



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Womex '08 & Peret


Womex, the main market for the world music all over the world, will start again in Seville for the fourth consecutive year at the end of October (October 29th – November 2nd).


In this trade fair, as always in these dates, we can find conferences, showcases, trade fair... and Picap will be present at all time.

From our company we believe in the adaptation need and we are aware about the know how of the record industry and the assistance in trade fairs is one of the principal pillars for the exchange of visions, opinions, ideas... that concern in the management of the record world sector.

In this sense we believe that it’s  interesting, apart from all the commercial contacts that could arise, take part in the different conferences during these days, as the one that talks about the legal frame in digital topics for Record Companies and Artists, a look into digital music trends, and more.

peret_23But an important part of Womex is dedicated to the artists' promotion, tours... In this respect the "King" of the Catalan Rumba, Peret, will realize an showcase as part of the offWomex Showcases.


peretPeret, as Wikipedia says, is one of the maximum exponents of the Catalan Rumba, which fused the rock, the Flamenco Tango and the Cuban mambo.


gitana_hWith songs so known as "Una Lágrima” (A tear) or "Borriquito" (little donkey) that appear in the album Gitana Hechicera that Picap has inherited from the PDI's catalogue.


For the acquisition of this historical catalogue we will find also other Peret's albums like "Jesus de Nazareth", "Que disparen flores" and "Como me gusta" reissued by Picap and "La puntita" and "No se pué aguantar" in reissue process; all of them with songs that buit an history inside the Catalan rumba.

 jesus  flores  gusta

We are sure that all the collegas of Womex will enjoy this performance.

Later you can listen to some emblematic songs of Peret:

play Gitana Hechicera

play  Borriquito

play Una Lágrima

play  Caramelos

play Vete

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Joan Margarit, winner of National Prize of Poetry with his work called “Casa de misericòrdia” (House of Mercy)
MargaritThe prize is awarded to the best work of poetry published during 2007.

The well known catalán poet Joan Margarit won last week the National Prize of Poetry awarded by the Culture Ministerium for the collection of poems “Casa de Misericòrdia” (House of Mercy), a work that also won the National Critics Prize, Rosalía de Castro Prize and Catalan Poetry Prize.

This award, worth with 20,000 euros, is given to the best poetry work published during 2007 in spanish or oin any cooficial languages talked by the State.

ribaltaJoan Margarit started his literary adventure at the end of ’50 but his first work had been published in 1975, called “Crònica”. His poems have been recognized in many occasions, we can also stress the prizes awarded by Catalan Government Crítica de Poesía Catalana” (Catalan Poetry Critique) or Premi Nacional de Cultura” (National Prize of Culture).

His work have been used as example and inspiration for Poets and Musicians, like Xavier Ribalta that made a selection for his record “Xavier Ribalta canta Joan Margarit: 18 cançons d’Amor, Soledat, Llibertat i Melancolia” published by “Trobadors i Joglars” and distributed by “Actual Records”.

escoltar  Listen a song from the record here

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Crònica de la presentació de l'Antologia
Joan Barranca & Blai Masó


banner_blaiAfter spending two and a half years recording, Joan Barranca & Blai Masó return to the music scene with their new album “2 moments”.



This meticulous production, released by Picap is a high quality piece of work featuring 16 new songs that swing between pop, jazz and bossa nova.



People in the music industry have described the album as “original, extremely creative, very mature, well produced, an oasis for the ears, easily enjoyable, etc.”



The record features first class musicians was made in the old style: with enough time and resources, lots of creativity and attention to details, all of which are a luxury nowadays.



The album also includes a cover version of a song of the israeli singer Noa, who has ceded for free.


 In summary, a more than worthwhile suggestion for lovers of good music.


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Release of "Antologia Històrica de la Música Catalana" (Historical Anthology of Catalan Music)

The music in our country has been always a differential fact; keeping in mind that has been done by people who thinks and expresses artistically in a very special form.


The Catalan encyclopedia defines the "Antologia Històrica de la Música Catalana" in the following way: "Record Collection begun to editing in the year 1966 by Edigsa under Pau Casals's presidency and the Management of Oriol Martorell and a team of editors, with the purpose of announcing the most interesting works of the musical evolution of the Catalan music".


Following the project that Edigsa initiated –record label pioneer in the edition of the majority of Catalan artists in the years 60- and that the record label PDI continued, Picap has wanted to put it on the hands of the whole world and to adapt this collection to the current times.


We feel very proud to be able to finally re-edit this great work that is "Antologia Històrica de la Músic Catalana" in CD format with new texts and designs as well as in digital format, adapting to the current times and ways of buying music.


In this way, from this 2008, the Antologia Històrica de la Música Catalana will be able on the net at the main shops of digital music.


As the promotional sheet says "The Antologia Històrica de la Música Catalana includes a set of recordings that try to offer a wide vision of what has been our music from the middle ages to the present days, and undoubtedly, deserves the consideration of important fact for our culture ".


For this reissue in physical support we have created an special box of 33 CD's with the whole entire collection. As well as also, advised by Salvador Pueyo, there have been created different casings of 2 and 3 CD's. Selected with artistic and musical criteria.

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MMVV & Picap

For 20th consecutive year the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic is coming. This market was born with vocation of internationalizing the Catalan music and certainly every time his market approaches more to its goal, because it’s already considered one of the cultural markets of reference for the musical industry all over the world. In addition this year the ICIC (Catalan Institute for Cultural Industries) has decided -together with other 4 other festivals- to consider the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic as an strategic market for the diffusion of the music and the culture of our country.

The market, divided between the professional part and the festival part, receives to all the professionals of the music world as visitors or as exhibitors, and works also as a meeting point of all the lovers of this art called music.

With a concerts schedule divided into two parts; the Invictro (with local artists, in the off scene of the market) and the Selecció Oficial (with international artists). And it’s inside the Selecció Oficial that the colleagues that make Picap are very happy to be able to say that the people in the market will enjoy the music of our label artists.

Toti Soler

Thus, on Thursday 18th in the stage of LA PIETAT at 9 p.m. Toti Soler will perform his Guitarra Catalana show.





Euclydes Mattos

On Friday 19th in the stage of PLAÇA MÀRTIRS at 9:30 p.m. Euclydes Mattos, an important character in the brazilian music will act.





PegasusThe same Friday at 10 p.m. in the CINEMA VIGATÀ, you will enjoy the commemorative performance of 25 years of Pegasus, of which Picap is preparing a reissue of all their works in an individual CD’s and in a box with all the complete works.





Santi Arisa

On Saturday 20th, at 10 p.m. in the CENTRE COMUNITARI there will be the performance of Santi Arisa named Tavernas de poetes III that it’s in process of edition by Picap.





GéminisTo finish, on Sunday 21st at 7 p.m. will act Tomeu Penya together with Géminis and Perico Linale Big Band in the PLAÇA MAJOR.





From Picap we are waiting that the change of the Artistic Manager of Mercat de Música Viva de Vic with Lluís Puig in front, it will serves more than ever to introduce the music of the Catalan Countries in the national and international programmers.

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Picap 2.0

ratolí musicalSince some years ago, the music sector is in a change of cycle. From the appearance of new musical genres and new ways of enjoying the music (mp3, online,…) to the change in the way to promote the music, where traditional media used to create music hits and now they just schedule the hits when they are done, giving few opportunities to the new talents.

Despite of being a negative point for the sector, it can also become an opportunity for the music labels as Picap to be able to adapt the label to the new times and the new ways of promotion.

Following the premise "to renew or to die" Picap has begun a new cycle in which it wants to obtain more presence on the internet, where we can meet all the music lovers exchanging valuations, worries,…

These new times convulsed by Internet, new technologies and the appearance of the concept of web 2.0 where the user becomes the creator of information has caused the appearance of multitude of musical blogs, music forums, musical communities… where the user is the main figure.

webCommunities like Myspace ( http://www.myspace.com/picapdiscografica ) and Facebook (see previous article), and video portals like Youtube ( http://www.youtube.com/picapdiscografica ) have become new ways to promote artists and music labels; and we are planning to open to this new media. Picap is changing the organizational chart to give an answer to these new needs.

From Picap we want to keep in contact the internet users and music lovers who have musical blogs, music related webs,… you can contact us to talk about new possibilities of collaboration by sending an email to marketing@picap.cat, or by Picap’s pages of Myspace and Facebook.

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National Day of Catalonia
Next September 11th, Catalonia celebrates his National Day with multitude of celebrations in different parts of the country.

Companyia Elèctrica DharmaInside the "Festa per la Llibertat" that will take place in the Lluís Companys street of Barcelona during the whole day, the Companyia Elèctrica Dharma will offer at 8 p.m. one of his concerts from the tour "Misteri Tour '08" with the launch of his new album "El Misteri d'en Miles Serra i les músiques mutants" where the band has wanted to dedicate the CD to two teachers like Miles Davis and Joaquim Serra are, that have influenced his career as a music band.

As a result of this fusion we will be able to enjoy a performance where they will fuse the style of sardanas of Joaquim Serra and the jazz-rock of Miles Davis.

Of the same way, Picap will be present in this party with an stand where you will be able to find the last launches in CD format, as well as liquidation of different K7's to very attainable prices. And you will be able to buy the last CD of Companyia Elèctrica Dharma.

We all expect to see you all in the different acts that are organized for this so special day.
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"Sounds form the memory: Maria Carta" from Maria del Mar Bonet
In Siligo (Sardinia), town where Maria Carta was born, there is a Foundation-Museum with her name that remember her life (1934-1994).

Maria CartaAt the beginning of this year, the foundation’s manager gave me a good new: they grant to me the Maria Carta’s Prize 2008. The main intention of these annual prizes is to recognize the job of Sardinian artists and also foreign artists who has contributed to the Sardinian culture diffusion.

They gave it to me the August 10th at the town, inside an all day long celebration that began in the town hall, where the mayor met all  the winners with a welcome meeting. Then they celebrate a mass in the church, where Sardinian artists sang songs, and before the lunch we went to the inauguration of an square in the middle of the town, with the portrait and the name of Maria. The grant ceremony was by night at the same square, that has the form of a little amphitheatre.

Siligo is placed near Sásari and Alguer. It has a thousand inhabitants, that still live from the wheat and the shepherding. In Siligo, apart of being the name of the town, it’s also a higher wheat variety. Between olive grove and vineyards, there is also an astronomical observatory, where scientists, students and tourists meet there.

It was a double joy for mi. In first place, because I knew Maria Carta, we had been singing together and we had a good friendship. In second place, because they gave me the prize for a version of the Sardinian song “Boghe, ´E Riu”, that I translated to “Des de Mallorca a L’Alguer” (From Mallorca to Alguer), a song that I have ever stopped singing and also Nacho Duato has included it to his ballet about my songs “Arenal”.

Maria del Mar BonetIn the end of the 70’s, someone gave to me a Maria Carta’s record. It was full of traditional Sardinian songs. At the time I was listening to it I wanted to know her island, her culture and her language. Her voice was spectacular, deep and soft at the same time. She had a big confidence, that you can only get if you have been breathing since long years ago all the treasure of being born in a little town in Sardinia like her town.

Maria, in the 50’s, won the miss Sardinia contest. She was very pretty, a very Mediterranean beauty. When we met in Paris in 1984 she was still taken. We were participating in a three weeks recital in Teatre de la Ville. The banderols were showing “Les tres Maries”. Maria Carta, Maria del Mar Bonet, Maria Farantouri.

The first day we met in the hotel, she was with her husband and her son, a four years old child, David. During that morning we had to go to a TV program to promote the festival. I hade ver seen her singing in live. She sang a capella, an “Ave Maria” in sardinian. Very nice…

That day we had time to talk to each other. We talked about the repertory we were going to sing in the theatre. Fieldwork songs, lullaby songs, poetry, etc. We confirmed that we had a lot of things in common, traditions, words, rhythms and the fact that our islands were so close and looked so far.

The two of us we leaved home very young, Maria Carta to Rome and me to Barcelona, and we knew the meaning of leaving home, leaving family far away, friends…, the new way gave to us new learnings and new inconceivable profesional opportunities. Togheter with a yearning feeling, and a sensation of membership and exclusion at the same time. As Isidor Marí says to his daughter: “You will always avoid me / I will always be yours”.

Maria CartaDuring many years we have been meeting each other, now I remember the last time. It was in Barcelona, in the “Plaça del Rei” square, guest by the City Hall. I thought I'd take the opportunity to show her the city and I gave to her my last album, where there was the sardinian song “Boghe, ´E Riu”, that Albert Garcia translated into catalan. She told me that she discovered and sang that song many years ago. When she started to sing in Sardinia, she was the first to give importance to the traditional music because people saw this music with indifference. Her effort and her success was definitely to make Sardinia in conscious of it’s sardinian music treasures.

She took part in the Italian Communist Party, and she was elected as communal counselor in Rome from 1976 to 1981. “Someone can be surprised –said Maria-, not for my candidature, but to know that I am communist... I really think people should be surprised if I wasn’t communist… for my origin, my way of life, my sardinian songs… all take to me to a unique identity. I’m a warrior woman that fight for our country, for a fair human future.”
She gave lessons of Antropology and Popular Traditions in Bolonia University. She wrote poetry, whita a book called Canto rituale. As well as her long carreer as singer (26 albums y recitals around the world), she was also actress, playing theatre and films (Jesús de Natzaret of F. Zeffirelli and El Padrino II, of F.F. Coppola).

Since de beginning of her carreer, she was an open window to her land, culture, and her language, of the great treditions of Sardinia. In 1989 she fell ill, she had a breast cancer and fought till 1994. She never stopped singing. That days, looked like Maria Carta invited to me to her town. From her brothers,her son and her nieces hands I have been walking along her town. They show me the museum and the foundation where they keep and show her films, musica albums, videos and books. Her dresses and instruments.

In Siligo, where people continue planting and harvest wheat, olive and wine. Where they keep Maria Carta’s voice forever.

Maria del Mar Bonet
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Port Bo, 42 years
Prompt to the appointment of the first Wednesday of August, with a crescent moon and a stressed Southwesterly Wind, at 10:30 pm, the current components of PORT-BO group came to the stage of the square and beach of Port-Bo of Calella de Palafrugell to celebrate the 42th anniversary of the group.

Port BoPORT-BO was born in 1966 on the occasion of the presentation of the book: "Calella de Palafrugell i les havaneres". The initial trio was composed by Josep Xicoira, Carles Mir and Ernest Morató. Forty two years later, the group is formed by Carles Casanovas, Fonso Carreras and Mineu Ferrer, that they offered some a splendid first part based on their last production "Busca’m a l’Empordà" (Picap, 2008).

In the second part of the party-show came on the stage the current components of the group plus the four ex-components still living and directed by Castor Pérez offered us a selection of havaneres, polkas, sea valsets and song of tavern from the most classical repertoire. With seven voices and a guitar we had fun with the all time hits even with the original version in spanish of  "La Gaviota" wrote by the ex-member of PORT-BO Frederic Sirés.

Carles Casanovas explained that Sirés composed the song in spanish, because it was Port Bodedicated to a girlfriend that had left in Cuba, Orfelia, that as Carles said, she should be very beautiful to deserve a song like this... The same Sirés wrote the catalan version after two years at the request of local singers and it is in Catalan how the public sang the return part of the song last night.

The three components of the current band jointly with Enric, the Castor, Txiqui and  Fèlix made us to enjoy a good concert and demonstrated once again because PORT-BO doesn’t have competence in this musical genre.
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Albert Fibla at Fnac

Albert Fibla


Albert Fibla will act next thursday september 18th in Fnac of Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona) at 7 p.m. He will act together with Jordi Belza (guitar and voice) and Valentí Adell (keyboards) and the performance will be for free; playing the songs of the new album "El món es mou" (Picap, 2008).


By the other side, the singer from Badalona will collaborate in the show 'El suplement' this season. This show is managed by Núria Ferré in Catalunya Ràdio and he will play songs about sports news. Albert will appear twice a month, on sundays at 10:30 a.m.

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Concert’s season for the Orquestra Internacional Maravella.

They will play the new album songs “Música Internacional” (Picap 2008).

More than 50 years of history and bringing the music and the Catalan culture all over the world is the best way to introduce one of the most representative and emblematic orquestra of our country: the Orquestra Internacional Maravella.

Since the foundation in 1951 by Lluís Ferrer i Puigdemont La Maravella has not stopped playing on the stages. The beginning of this long and successful musical adventure the orquestra had a very good reception abroad playing around Europe, from here comes the Orquestra Internacional name. It is necessary to say that the good reception of the public was not only abroad, in our country almost every town has seen the Orquestra Maravella playing their songs.

After many years of musical experience in 1997 comes the recognition from the institutions of Catalonia with the prize-giving of the "Creu de Sant Jordi" of Catalonia’s Government for letting know the Catalan culture all over the world.

From Picap we you want to show the new album of La Maravella "Música Internacional" (PICAP 2008).Orquestra Maravella

The new album "Música Internacional" it’s build by songs of the whole world that try to reflect the spirit and the essence of this universal art understood for all over the World, the music. Immortal titles and unforgettable memories for example "Cielito Lindo", "Alma Llanera", "My heart will go on ", "Queen Rhapsody" interpreted by the personal stamp of the mythical orchestra of Caldes.

Everybody will be able to see and to enjoy the orchestra in more than 80 concerts that will be realized from now until the end of the year, where we are going to listen the old album’s songs and the ones from the new album.

You can look up for the concerts on the Orquestra Maravella website and also in the Picap’s Myspace page.

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El Cant del Barça #1 at Jamba!
El Cant del Barça, the original and oficial version, sang by La Coral Sant Jordi is #1 in one of the most important internet portals for mobile phones, Jamba! You will find it in favourites, inside the music section.

El Cant del Barça has been edited and it’s distributed by Picap, you can also fisically get it at Actual Records Distribució since 2007. Inside the album you will find versions from artists like Pep Sala or Joan Isaac.

This is a good new that shows all the work that Picap is developing to adapt the company to anew ways of distribution, digital distribution in this case.

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The next August 30th, Albert Fibla will performance the songs of his new album "El món es mou" at "Festival Acústica de Figueres"

Albert FiblaIn the middle of the festivals season, as every year, the capital of the “Alt Empordà” will offer 5 long days of one of the most important musical contest of the latter years. On the 27th the fifth edition of "Festival Acúsitca de Figueres" will be inaugurated.

Born in 2002, this festival has been creating a professional market of important offers where programmers, artists and public meet new artists combined with consecrated artists. The whole success if we compare the assistance numbers between 2002 where 3000 meet there and 2006 had 23,000 people.

This year the festival has a very nice schedule with Kiko Albert FiblaVeneno, Marlango, Shuarma, Toti Soler, Quico Pi de la Serra, Toni Xuclà and the songwriter of Picap, Albert Fibla, who will show the new album songs "El món es mou".

The concert will take place on Saturday, the 30th of August at eight o'clock in the afternoon at “Plaça de l'Església” where you will enjoy songs like "Pel seu nom", "De bona lluna", "Entre la multitud" and many more. A good opportunity to discover one of the most emergent songwriters of our musical panorama.





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Xavier Ribalta in concert at "Discopolis" from Radio 3

Xavier RibaltaXavier Ribalta has played different poems of Joaquim Horta, Joan Salvat-Papasseit, Joan Coromines, Marius Torres, Salvador Espriu, Joan Maragall, Joan Margarit and so on, and has make a decisive task in the restoration of anonymous and popular songs of Catalonia.
Xavier Ribalta's work personifies the most genuine orientation of the Catalan "Cançó" (Song). The musical riches of his compositions valued all around the world, the rigour in the choice of the poets played by him and the form of the interpretations all they are his main characteristics.

 On March 16th, 2007 Xavier Ribalta interpreted in the "Auditori de Barcelona" many pieces from different Catalan authors, since Joan Margarit to Ausiàs March with great feeling and passion. We could also listen the lyrics frfom the excellent Franch songwriter Léo Ferré that Xavier Riblata sang it in Catalan.

With the accompaniment of really magnificent musicians, the response of the people after the performance was reaffirming the great event that was lived that day. The room, technically excellent, was the suitable context to frame the performance. The sonority was incredible in a distinguished space, and the lighting created the environment according to each theme.

This Friday, the 15th of August we have the opportunity to re-live Xavier Ribalta’s concert through the program "Discopolis" of Radio 3 managed by José Miguel López for the whole Spain in a one hour summary programmed from two o'clock to three o'clock in the afternoon and a special rerun on Monday, the 18th of August at four o'clock in the morning.

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Maria del Mar Bonet recieves the Maria Carta Prize

maria del mar bonetLast Sunday, the 10th of August, Maria del Mar Bonet  recieved in Siligo (Sardinia) the “Maria Carta Prize” granted by the foundation that takes the name of this Sardinian singer. In the same morning, there was a square inaugurated dedicated to Maria Carta in Siligo.

Maria Carta was born in Siligo (Sassari) on 1934 and left us on 1994 in Rome. It was an Italian songwritter that worked specially the popular Sardinian music, bringging all this kind of music out of Italy. With 24 published albums it is an authentic referent of the music of Sardinia Island.

The foundation that takes her name gives the prize to singers with a great international relief who have interpreted popular music of the Island and in this occasion has been fixed in Maria del Mar Bonet that plays the song “Des de Mallorca a l’Alguer” (El cor del temps, Picap 1997) popular song from Alguer adapted by Albert Garcia.

Maria del Mar Bonet has returned from Siligo and she’s already preparing the next concerts scheduled for this summer, as the next August 24th jointly with Manel Camp in The Granadella, or September 9th presenting "Terra Secreta” (Picap, 2007) in Picassent (Valencian Country), September 10th in Palma (Teatre Xesc Fortesa), 12th of September with Manel Camp in Son Servera (Mallorca) and many more that you can check in Picap’s Myspace.

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New times for the music
Picap is conscious of the importance that the new technologies have nowadays, for this reason we have created a new department, the new technologies department.

All the work is going to be related with the music and it’s digital environment. Doing this Picap proposes to use these new technologies to give a better service to our clients, friends and good music lovers.

In fact, we want to tell you that we already have a new page available for all the Facebook users, the Picap’s page. Inside you will find everything related to the company like new records, videos of youtube, music player, discussion board,…

We hope that you joint the page to have a direct feedback with the company.

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RODAMONS & Myspace
Rebem una trucada de l’Eric del grup +Rodamons|ht [...]
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"El món es mou" of Albert Fibla

Albert FiblaYou can look up for the concerts During august Albert Fibla will bring the songs of his new album in Riudebitlles and “Festival Acústica” in Figueres.

Last Monday, the August 4th there was the fourth “Meeting of songwriters in Riudebitlles” and this year Meritxell Genés and Albert Fibla participated.

With a full Saint Peter church square we lived a fantastic music night form our country. Together with Jordi Belza, playing the guitar, and Valentí Adell, playing the piano, Albert Fibla offered to the public the new album songs “El món es mou” (Picap, 2008)

The quality of the sound, and the great atmosphere made both, the public and the songwriter enjoy the concert with an special feeling.

We recommend you to not to lose the next Albert Fibla's concert that will take place on August 30th in the "Festival Acústica" in Figueres.

If you want to be informed of the concerts dates of our artists, you can do it by visiting the Picap’s website or by visiting the Picap’s Myspace.

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Raimon, "22 maig a la Villa"
The night of 22 May was unforgettable. We had the night of our lives at the concert in the Faculty of Medicine at the Universitat Complutense de Madrid.
1968 was a year of ferment in Madrid and one of the high points was the concert given by Raimon on 18 May, a concert that has gone down in history with the song titled “18 de maig a la villa”. Wanting to celebrate the anniversary, students in Madrid organized events throughout the week, including roundtables, exhibitions and a concert, featuring a performance by Raimon himself. On Thursday evening I visited the two exhibitions. There were stirring photographs of the concert and some fascinating documents relating to the event, such as the dean's statement to the police and the judge, press cuttings from the period, songs banned by the censor, posters, album covers, original paintings by Miró and Tàpies used to illustrate the covers of recordings by Raimon, audiovisuals, and so on. The concert hall was packed to the rafters. The organizers had set up giant screens in the entrance, so that as many people as possible could see the concert, which was also broadcast live online. It was wonderful to see eleven television channels covering the event, just as it was a joy to see how well Raimon was treated by the media in Madrid, with the usual exceptions. At the concert we met various Catalans who have taken up residence in Madrid, including Manuel Campo Vidal and Enric Sopena; Catalans who had come to Madrid specially for the concert, such as Jordi García-Soler, Ramon Muntaner and Rafel Ribó; and Madrid natives, such as Caco Senante, Rosa León, four government ministers, one former minister and the Valencian Jordi Sevilla. The audience included older people who may well have been at the original concert in 1968 and young people, probably students at the Complutense. To add to the fun, there was a large group at the entrance, waving placards and chanting, complaining that the generation of ’68 had betrayed them and demonstrating against the Bologna Process. When Raimon came on stage, he was greeted with a three-minute ovation. His set was serious and honest and made no concessions to nostalgia. It was the same concert he has given elsewhere this year, with a few of his old hits but mainly new material and four previously unreleased songs. To end the concert, he sang the inevitable “18 de maig a la villa”. First, Raimon explained the lyrics in Spanish and quite a few people followed the words in the program, using their mobile phone as a torch. As was to be expected, the audience demanded several encores, which included some of the old favorites, ending with “El Vent”, to which the Madrid audience sang along. Raimon is a vital part of our culture, the sort of artist we would have to invent if we did not already have him.
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Recent activities
Last week we worked very hard, evaluating projects and planning the company’s forthcoming music.
We have a few new colleagues at Picap whose skills and enthusiasm encourage us to keep looking ahead to a successful future. With twenty-four years of professional experience backing us, our team strikes a balance between experience and youthful freshness that will allow us to meet new challenges.
We’ve inaugurated a new department called New Technologies, with Jordi Jiménez contributing ideas and working towards the horizons we have in mind.
Francesc Verdera has added her young mindset and talent to the Promotion Department, whereas Pere Jové has taken charge of Logistics and warehousing and Josep Maria Abella has taken over the Administrative Department.
In addition to the new collection of Cuban music on DVD and CD we’ve presented –a perfect collection for learning to dance and discovering the best new music on the Caribbean scene–, we’ve also reissued such interesting albums as Pi de la Serra’s “Pijama de saliva” and several LPs by Toti Soler. Other CDs we’ve put out recently also include the latest albums by S’Albaida, Naltrus, Rodamons, Dharma, Lupe Villar, Jordi Sabatés, Port Bo, and many others.
Moreover, we’re preparing the editions of ANTOLOGIA HISTÒRICA DE LA MÚSICA CATALANA (History of Catalan Music, an Anthology), the complete discographies of Jordi Sabatés, Peret, La Pataqueta and others. So keep an eye out –over the next few weeks we’ll be putting out some great stuff.
We stated above that it had been a week of relentless work. To sum it up: On Monday, we had a meeting with Lloll and Celdoni Fonoll and signed a project to publish an anthology of Fonoll as a double CD, an album we are thrilled to produce because we believe Fonoll’s music deserves it. On Tuesday, we had a business lunch with Annalisa and Raimon to discuss the concert in Madrid on May 22 and other forthcoming projects. At the same time, we ran into Vicenç Villatoro and took the opportunity to inform him that we had just reissued Ramon Muntaner’s “Fugida”, with lyrics by Villatoro, which he was thrilled to hear. On Wednesday, we met with Jesús Ventura and Jordi Molina, with whom we discussed producing an album by Tenora i gran orquestra, a complex, fascinating project. On Thursday we planned the new album by the havaneres band, Xató, new album presentations and the scheduling for other projects. On Saturday, we went to Berga to attend the concert by Companyia Elèctrica Dharma with the band of La Patum, the town festival. This combination was very promising and may soon become a recording project, but it rained hard all afternoon and by 7:30 pm, the organizers had cancelled the concert. Truly a pity, because at 10 pm, when the concert was supposed to begin, not a drop was falling in the city of Berga.
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DRAGONSLAYER, one of the best hard rock groups in Spain, has recently been touring the main cities, supported by the Madrid band LEYENDA.
Last Saturday it was the turn of Poble Nou in Barcelona. Fans crowded into the La Nau concert hall to hear some of the best rock to be heard anywhere in Spain at the moment.
The concert began with Leyenda, followed by Dragonslayer, who played some of the tracks from their latest album “Cronos” (Picap). There were various guest appearances and other surprises in this last show of the tour. First, Dragonslayer invited Leyenda's Madrid-born singer to sing "Com la pluja" in Catalan. Later, as the main attraction, Lupe Villar and Víctor Estevez came on as guests and sang two songs from the recently released “Kcor d rock” album. Taking the opportunity of having Lupe on stage, they gave an impressive rendition of Sangtraït "Les creus vermelles". The gig ended with the members of Leyenda and Dragonslayer singing together, in a rousing finale to this tour by two great bands.
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Demo Contest.
On our new website we’ve added a very attractive section for emerging groups wishing to make their music known, the Demo Contest. Now you have the opportunity of presenting your demo. Now your music will be heard, and what’s more important, evaluated. Picap will listen very carefully to all demos received. But to make things more interesting, we thought we’d create a contest by popular vote. For more information, just click on the section Demo Contest.
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Maria del Mar Bonet en un festival antiautopistes
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Homenatge a Lluís Llach - Si véns amb mi (Tribute to Lluís Llach: If You Come with Me)
Lluís Llach is one of the best Catalan musicians of all times. Several months ago, he decided to give his last concert and, as he put it, “stop acting like Lluís Llach”. Lluís has stopped recording records and giving concerts, but his legacy, his works, will remain with us forever. Now you can listen to these precious songs that form part of our lives in different versions. Si véns amb mi (If You Come with Me) is a tribute to this singer-songwriter in which his friends and fellow musicians from around the world interpret the Empordà musician’s songs in their own style. A different perspective revealing the personality of each musician, adding a new dimension to each piece by Lluís Llach. The first CD contains unpublished versions including: a spectacular interpretation of “Penyora” by Maria del Mar Bonet, who also created the illustration for the album cover – palm trees drawn in the sand; a gripping Pedro Guerra; a surprising Silvio Rodríguez; the spiritual force of Adrià Puntí and Miquel Gil; a splendid rendering of “Que feliç era mare” by Marina Rossell; a goose-bump inducing version of “Laura” in voice and piano by Roger Mas; Joan Isaac with his rendering of “Vida”, which seems written for him; Josep Tero; Joan Amèric; Túrnez & Sesé; Gorka Knörr; Manu Guix and many others. The second CD contains previously released versions in different languages, some of them quite well known, such as “Un núvol blanc” in Spanish (“Nube blanca”) by Ana Belén, and others unknown to the great majority of people, but excellent and stunning, such as: the version of “Abril 74” by the Italian, Alessio Lega; Jean-Michel Jarre's “l’Estaca”; the Brazilian Zizi Possi's rendering of “Cançó d’amor”; the Frenchwoman Catherine Ribeiro's “Lluna”; the Catalan group, Pomada with “Que tinguem sort”; the Polish group, Zespół Reprezentacyjny’s rendering of “Encara”; and the Catalan group Inadaptats covering “La gallineta”; among others. A tribute album to one of the greats that will allow you to enjoy his good songs in totally different versions and from unexpected perspectives; it reflects the truly global scope of the international singer from the town of Verges.

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Maria del Mar Bonet.
Last September we had the enormous pleasure of launching one of the best albums, "Terra Secreta", by our most universal singer. Since then, Maria del Mar Bonet has been immersed in a whirlwind of live and studio concerts and interviews, performing throughout Spain and appearing on major Spanish television and radio programs. This album will go far, to judge by its excellent quality. The first results of this well-rounded disc are promising – it was number 1 in iTunes sales in October. Few Catalan musicians can boast having captured such an important market as the digital one.
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New album Port Bo.
With PORT-BO there was a before and an after in the musical genre of havaneres. The band from Calella’s first album with Picap was “Arrel de tres”. Port Bo has put out ten albums with Picap to date, apart from appearing on such albums as “Les nits de la bella Lola”, “Sardanes a la taverna” or “Picap 20 anys, el concert” in collaboration with other groups. Next week they will put out their eleventh with us, a precious CD you can hear live at the many concerts they have lined up this summer. It will accompany you the many times when you feel the overriding need of listening to songs like the ones included in “Busca’m a l’Empordà”. This recording was produced by Antoni Mas, author of the lead song by the same name, recorded at the studios Estudis 44,1 in Aiguaviva, now one of the best in the country, with a design by Ramon Sauló. “Busca’m a l’Empordà” is a disc that departs from the usual fare, with melodies and rhythms ranging from the sardana by Mas Ros, “Tossa bonica”, to the lovely havanera, “Margarita”, by maestro Ortega Monasterio, who wrote it in Spanish and for which PORT BO has done a version in Catalan. You’ll also find an havanera-plus-prayer that Casanovas wrote when he was an adolescent and that had remained unpublished until now, “L’oració del pescador” (The Fisherman’s Prayer), and “Mare vull ser pescador”, the first piece by Antònia Vilàs sung by Port Bo. Other pieces by Casanovas, Josep Bastons, Antoni Mas and others make “Busca’m a l’Empordà” an extraordinary CD that stands out in the havaneres genre. It is one of those new works that, like the swallows, announce the arrival of good weather. “Busca’m a l’Empordà”, like Picap’s entire catalogue, is available in CD format as well as through our “Albums à la Carte” service and at major electronic download shops such as iTunes, eMusic, Napster, Yahoo Music, etc.

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Musicians Recording New Albums.
Picap will start off the year with great pleasure. Get ready, because the new albums by Albert Fibla, Nua, Baetúria, Xavi Vidal & Berni Mora, Lupe Villar, Naltrus, Rodamons and the debutants Pitjorestàstu will come out during the first quarter of 2008. Picap continues to show a firm commitment to high-quality music by both emerging musicians and those who’ve been touring for years. We’ll keep you informed every time one of these albums appears so you’ll be the absolute first to know.
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New Website + Albums à la Carte
We’ve totally refurbished our website. We’ve added some attractive features, such as the Picap Radio and the section on albums à la carte, and we’ve revamped our corporate image. On Picap Radio, which speaks for itself, you’ll be able to listen to all the hits that Picap continues to put out on the market, in addition to the all-time greats, of course. As an absolutely innovative feature and an expression of Picap's firm commitment to offer the best service to all of you, we’ve started an ambitious project called Albums à la Carte: an exclusively web-based service where you can create your own CD to suit your taste, and even choose the cover you prefer. We are very proud of our new website and the new services we are launching for the public at large. Picap is a company deeply rooted in our country which continues to show a commitment to new technologies and new ideas just like when we started out, always thinking of the musicians and you.
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Doing justice to its long tradition of publishing local music, Picap will have the honor of putting out several reissues during the first quarter of 2008 from among its hit list, including albums by the emblematic Àtic, Sonia Cortés and the popular Vicenteta.

Worthy of special mention are the reissues we will put out during the first quarter of 2008 from the PDI-Edigsa catalogue. Edigsa, a label that was later taken over by PDI, played a very significant role in the early years of the "Nova Cançó" (“New Song”, a Catalan folk-rock movement), serving as an effective platform for launching and making nearly all the singer-songwriters of the movement known, from the most diverse members of Els Setze Jutges to Raimon, not to mention their publication of albums by solo singers, vocal groups, vocal and musician ensembles, choirs and choral societies, as well as significant recordings of music for children, poetry and classical and traditional music. Now that Picap has acquired the PDI-Edigsa catalogue, we will be reissuing over 60 top albums in the first quarter of 2008 by bands such as Companyia Elèctrica Dharma, Al Tall, Tete Montoliu and many more. In addition, of course, to the reissues we’ve already published in 2007, such as Gato Pérez "Romesco", Albert Pla's emblematic "Ho sento molt" and Lluís Llach's first LP, "Les seves primeres cançons" (His First Songs).

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