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Homenatge a Lluís Llach - Si véns amb mi (Tribute to Lluís Llach: If You Come with Me)
Lluís Llach is one of the best Catalan musicians of all times. Several months ago, he decided to give his last concert and, as he put it, “stop acting like Lluís Llach”. Lluís has stopped recording records and giving concerts, but his legacy, his works, will remain with us forever. Now you can listen to these precious songs that form part of our lives in different versions. Si véns amb mi (If You Come with Me) is a tribute to this singer-songwriter in which his friends and fellow musicians from around the world interpret the Empordà musician’s songs in their own style. A different perspective revealing the personality of each musician, adding a new dimension to each piece by Lluís Llach. The first CD contains unpublished versions including: a spectacular interpretation of “Penyora” by Maria del Mar Bonet, who also created the illustration for the album cover – palm trees drawn in the sand; a gripping Pedro Guerra; a surprising Silvio Rodríguez; the spiritual force of Adrià Puntí and Miquel Gil; a splendid rendering of “Que feliç era mare” by Marina Rossell; a goose-bump inducing version of “Laura” in voice and piano by Roger Mas; Joan Isaac with his rendering of “Vida”, which seems written for him; Josep Tero; Joan Amèric; Túrnez & Sesé; Gorka Knörr; Manu Guix and many others. The second CD contains previously released versions in different languages, some of them quite well known, such as “Un núvol blanc” in Spanish (“Nube blanca”) by Ana Belén, and others unknown to the great majority of people, but excellent and stunning, such as: the version of “Abril 74” by the Italian, Alessio Lega; Jean-Michel Jarre's “l’Estaca”; the Brazilian Zizi Possi's rendering of “Cançó d’amor”; the Frenchwoman Catherine Ribeiro's “Lluna”; the Catalan group, Pomada with “Que tinguem sort”; the Polish group, Zespół Reprezentacyjny’s rendering of “Encara”; and the Catalan group Inadaptats covering “La gallineta”; among others. A tribute album to one of the greats that will allow you to enjoy his good songs in totally different versions and from unexpected perspectives; it reflects the truly global scope of the international singer from the town of Verges.

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