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New album Port Bo.
With PORT-BO there was a before and an after in the musical genre of havaneres. The band from Calella’s first album with Picap was “Arrel de tres”. Port Bo has put out ten albums with Picap to date, apart from appearing on such albums as “Les nits de la bella Lola”, “Sardanes a la taverna” or “Picap 20 anys, el concert” in collaboration with other groups. Next week they will put out their eleventh with us, a precious CD you can hear live at the many concerts they have lined up this summer. It will accompany you the many times when you feel the overriding need of listening to songs like the ones included in “Busca’m a l’Empordà”. This recording was produced by Antoni Mas, author of the lead song by the same name, recorded at the studios Estudis 44,1 in Aiguaviva, now one of the best in the country, with a design by Ramon Sauló. “Busca’m a l’Empordà” is a disc that departs from the usual fare, with melodies and rhythms ranging from the sardana by Mas Ros, “Tossa bonica”, to the lovely havanera, “Margarita”, by maestro Ortega Monasterio, who wrote it in Spanish and for which PORT BO has done a version in Catalan. You’ll also find an havanera-plus-prayer that Casanovas wrote when he was an adolescent and that had remained unpublished until now, “L’oració del pescador” (The Fisherman’s Prayer), and “Mare vull ser pescador”, the first piece by Antònia Vilàs sung by Port Bo. Other pieces by Casanovas, Josep Bastons, Antoni Mas and others make “Busca’m a l’Empordà” an extraordinary CD that stands out in the havaneres genre. It is one of those new works that, like the swallows, announce the arrival of good weather. “Busca’m a l’Empordà”, like Picap’s entire catalogue, is available in CD format as well as through our “Albums à la Carte” service and at major electronic download shops such as iTunes, eMusic, Napster, Yahoo Music, etc.

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