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Recent activities
Last week we worked very hard, evaluating projects and planning the company’s forthcoming music.
We have a few new colleagues at Picap whose skills and enthusiasm encourage us to keep looking ahead to a successful future. With twenty-four years of professional experience backing us, our team strikes a balance between experience and youthful freshness that will allow us to meet new challenges.
We’ve inaugurated a new department called New Technologies, with Jordi Jiménez contributing ideas and working towards the horizons we have in mind.
Francesc Verdera has added her young mindset and talent to the Promotion Department, whereas Pere Jové has taken charge of Logistics and warehousing and Josep Maria Abella has taken over the Administrative Department.
In addition to the new collection of Cuban music on DVD and CD we’ve presented –a perfect collection for learning to dance and discovering the best new music on the Caribbean scene–, we’ve also reissued such interesting albums as Pi de la Serra’s “Pijama de saliva” and several LPs by Toti Soler. Other CDs we’ve put out recently also include the latest albums by S’Albaida, Naltrus, Rodamons, Dharma, Lupe Villar, Jordi Sabatés, Port Bo, and many others.
Moreover, we’re preparing the editions of ANTOLOGIA HISTÒRICA DE LA MÚSICA CATALANA (History of Catalan Music, an Anthology), the complete discographies of Jordi Sabatés, Peret, La Pataqueta and others. So keep an eye out –over the next few weeks we’ll be putting out some great stuff.
We stated above that it had been a week of relentless work. To sum it up: On Monday, we had a meeting with Lloll and Celdoni Fonoll and signed a project to publish an anthology of Fonoll as a double CD, an album we are thrilled to produce because we believe Fonoll’s music deserves it. On Tuesday, we had a business lunch with Annalisa and Raimon to discuss the concert in Madrid on May 22 and other forthcoming projects. At the same time, we ran into Vicenç Villatoro and took the opportunity to inform him that we had just reissued Ramon Muntaner’s “Fugida”, with lyrics by Villatoro, which he was thrilled to hear. On Wednesday, we met with Jesús Ventura and Jordi Molina, with whom we discussed producing an album by Tenora i gran orquestra, a complex, fascinating project. On Thursday we planned the new album by the havaneres band, Xató, new album presentations and the scheduling for other projects. On Saturday, we went to Berga to attend the concert by Companyia Elèctrica Dharma with the band of La Patum, the town festival. This combination was very promising and may soon become a recording project, but it rained hard all afternoon and by 7:30 pm, the organizers had cancelled the concert. Truly a pity, because at 10 pm, when the concert was supposed to begin, not a drop was falling in the city of Berga.
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