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DRAGONSLAYER, one of the best hard rock groups in Spain, has recently been touring the main cities, supported by the Madrid band LEYENDA.
Last Saturday it was the turn of Poble Nou in Barcelona. Fans crowded into the La Nau concert hall to hear some of the best rock to be heard anywhere in Spain at the moment.
The concert began with Leyenda, followed by Dragonslayer, who played some of the tracks from their latest album “Cronos” (Picap). There were various guest appearances and other surprises in this last show of the tour. First, Dragonslayer invited Leyenda's Madrid-born singer to sing "Com la pluja" in Catalan. Later, as the main attraction, Lupe Villar and Víctor Estevez came on as guests and sang two songs from the recently released “Kcor d rock” album. Taking the opportunity of having Lupe on stage, they gave an impressive rendition of Sangtraït "Les creus vermelles". The gig ended with the members of Leyenda and Dragonslayer singing together, in a rousing finale to this tour by two great bands.
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