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Concert’s season for the Orquestra Internacional Maravella.

They will play the new album songs “Música Internacional” (Picap 2008).

More than 50 years of history and bringing the music and the Catalan culture all over the world is the best way to introduce one of the most representative and emblematic orquestra of our country: the Orquestra Internacional Maravella.

Since the foundation in 1951 by Lluís Ferrer i Puigdemont La Maravella has not stopped playing on the stages. The beginning of this long and successful musical adventure the orquestra had a very good reception abroad playing around Europe, from here comes the Orquestra Internacional name. It is necessary to say that the good reception of the public was not only abroad, in our country almost every town has seen the Orquestra Maravella playing their songs.

After many years of musical experience in 1997 comes the recognition from the institutions of Catalonia with the prize-giving of the "Creu de Sant Jordi" of Catalonia’s Government for letting know the Catalan culture all over the world.

From Picap we you want to show the new album of La Maravella "Música Internacional" (PICAP 2008).Orquestra Maravella

The new album "Música Internacional" it’s build by songs of the whole world that try to reflect the spirit and the essence of this universal art understood for all over the World, the music. Immortal titles and unforgettable memories for example "Cielito Lindo", "Alma Llanera", "My heart will go on ", "Queen Rhapsody" interpreted by the personal stamp of the mythical orchestra of Caldes.

Everybody will be able to see and to enjoy the orchestra in more than 80 concerts that will be realized from now until the end of the year, where we are going to listen the old album’s songs and the ones from the new album.

You can look up for the concerts on the Orquestra Maravella website and also in the Picap’s Myspace page.

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