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Port Bo, 42 years
Prompt to the appointment of the first Wednesday of August, with a crescent moon and a stressed Southwesterly Wind, at 10:30 pm, the current components of PORT-BO group came to the stage of the square and beach of Port-Bo of Calella de Palafrugell to celebrate the 42th anniversary of the group.

Port BoPORT-BO was born in 1966 on the occasion of the presentation of the book: "Calella de Palafrugell i les havaneres". The initial trio was composed by Josep Xicoira, Carles Mir and Ernest Morató. Forty two years later, the group is formed by Carles Casanovas, Fonso Carreras and Mineu Ferrer, that they offered some a splendid first part based on their last production "Busca’m a l’Empordà" (Picap, 2008).

In the second part of the party-show came on the stage the current components of the group plus the four ex-components still living and directed by Castor Pérez offered us a selection of havaneres, polkas, sea valsets and song of tavern from the most classical repertoire. With seven voices and a guitar we had fun with the all time hits even with the original version in spanish of  "La Gaviota" wrote by the ex-member of PORT-BO Frederic Sirés.

Carles Casanovas explained that Sirés composed the song in spanish, because it was Port Bodedicated to a girlfriend that had left in Cuba, Orfelia, that as Carles said, she should be very beautiful to deserve a song like this... The same Sirés wrote the catalan version after two years at the request of local singers and it is in Catalan how the public sang the return part of the song last night.

The three components of the current band jointly with Enric, the Castor, Txiqui and  Fèlix made us to enjoy a good concert and demonstrated once again because PORT-BO doesn’t have competence in this musical genre.
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