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Picap 2.0

ratolí musicalSince some years ago, the music sector is in a change of cycle. From the appearance of new musical genres and new ways of enjoying the music (mp3, online,…) to the change in the way to promote the music, where traditional media used to create music hits and now they just schedule the hits when they are done, giving few opportunities to the new talents.

Despite of being a negative point for the sector, it can also become an opportunity for the music labels as Picap to be able to adapt the label to the new times and the new ways of promotion.

Following the premise "to renew or to die" Picap has begun a new cycle in which it wants to obtain more presence on the internet, where we can meet all the music lovers exchanging valuations, worries,…

These new times convulsed by Internet, new technologies and the appearance of the concept of web 2.0 where the user becomes the creator of information has caused the appearance of multitude of musical blogs, music forums, musical communities… where the user is the main figure.

webCommunities like Myspace ( http://www.myspace.com/picapdiscografica ) and Facebook (see previous article), and video portals like Youtube ( http://www.youtube.com/picapdiscografica ) have become new ways to promote artists and music labels; and we are planning to open to this new media. Picap is changing the organizational chart to give an answer to these new needs.

From Picap we want to keep in contact the internet users and music lovers who have musical blogs, music related webs,… you can contact us to talk about new possibilities of collaboration by sending an email to marketing@picap.cat, or by Picap’s pages of Myspace and Facebook.

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