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National Day of Catalonia
Next September 11th, Catalonia celebrates his National Day with multitude of celebrations in different parts of the country.

Companyia Elèctrica DharmaInside the "Festa per la Llibertat" that will take place in the Lluís Companys street of Barcelona during the whole day, the Companyia Elèctrica Dharma will offer at 8 p.m. one of his concerts from the tour "Misteri Tour '08" with the launch of his new album "El Misteri d'en Miles Serra i les músiques mutants" where the band has wanted to dedicate the CD to two teachers like Miles Davis and Joaquim Serra are, that have influenced his career as a music band.

As a result of this fusion we will be able to enjoy a performance where they will fuse the style of sardanas of Joaquim Serra and the jazz-rock of Miles Davis.

Of the same way, Picap will be present in this party with an stand where you will be able to find the last launches in CD format, as well as liquidation of different K7's to very attainable prices. And you will be able to buy the last CD of Companyia Elèctrica Dharma.

We all expect to see you all in the different acts that are organized for this so special day.
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