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Release of "Antologia Històrica de la Música Catalana" (Historical Anthology of Catalan Music)

The music in our country has been always a differential fact; keeping in mind that has been done by people who thinks and expresses artistically in a very special form.


The Catalan encyclopedia defines the "Antologia Històrica de la Música Catalana" in the following way: "Record Collection begun to editing in the year 1966 by Edigsa under Pau Casals's presidency and the Management of Oriol Martorell and a team of editors, with the purpose of announcing the most interesting works of the musical evolution of the Catalan music".


Following the project that Edigsa initiated –record label pioneer in the edition of the majority of Catalan artists in the years 60- and that the record label PDI continued, Picap has wanted to put it on the hands of the whole world and to adapt this collection to the current times.


We feel very proud to be able to finally re-edit this great work that is "Antologia Històrica de la Músic Catalana" in CD format with new texts and designs as well as in digital format, adapting to the current times and ways of buying music.


In this way, from this 2008, the Antologia Històrica de la Música Catalana will be able on the net at the main shops of digital music.


As the promotional sheet says "The Antologia Històrica de la Música Catalana includes a set of recordings that try to offer a wide vision of what has been our music from the middle ages to the present days, and undoubtedly, deserves the consideration of important fact for our culture ".


For this reissue in physical support we have created an special box of 33 CD's with the whole entire collection. As well as also, advised by Salvador Pueyo, there have been created different casings of 2 and 3 CD's. Selected with artistic and musical criteria.

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