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Joan Barranca & Blai Masó


banner_blaiAfter spending two and a half years recording, Joan Barranca & Blai Masó return to the music scene with their new album “2 moments”.



This meticulous production, released by Picap is a high quality piece of work featuring 16 new songs that swing between pop, jazz and bossa nova.



People in the music industry have described the album as “original, extremely creative, very mature, well produced, an oasis for the ears, easily enjoyable, etc.”



The record features first class musicians was made in the old style: with enough time and resources, lots of creativity and attention to details, all of which are a luxury nowadays.



The album also includes a cover version of a song of the israeli singer Noa, who has ceded for free.


 In summary, a more than worthwhile suggestion for lovers of good music.


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