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11th Mediterranean Fair at Manresa


fira_logoThe music bands S'Albaida, Túrnez & Sesé and Al Tall will be present at the Fira Maditerrània (Mediterranean Fair) of Manresa.

From October 30th till November 2nd Manresa celebrates the eleventh edition of the Mediterranean Fair devoted to the root and traditional entertainment.

The fair is a market for new artistic creations, inspired by the Catalan tradition or the one more common in the Mediterranean coast.

s'albaida_bandThe band from Menorca S'Albaida will act on Saturday November 1st at 4:30 in the afternoon at the Taverna of the Fair. The band which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary in active will interprete songs of his latest album Xalandria (Picap, 2008) and will end in this way the acts of the Fair.

Talking about S'Albaida is the same to talk about Mediterranean culture, Catalan and Menorquin. We can consider every track of this album as a small piece of popular culture of our country, maintain its poetic structure, but giving it a distinctive sound that we already know about the band.

They mix a concept of lyrics that will endure over time with the music of percussion with touches of flamenco or African music.





turnez_bandTúrnez & Sesé will also act in Manresa presenting at the Fair their latest album "Romanços i estampes del  21" (Picap, 2008) the fourth of this band.

Romanços i estampes del 21 is a show based on the renewal of the literary language, musical and graphic from the Catalan romance. Seven contemporary poets write nine romances using traditional themes. Music and image are the transmission vehicle of these stories, and the melodies are inspired by popular forms, passed by the sound of Túrnez & Sesé, a band specialized in putting music to the poems created by Catalan authors; "Quedarà la paraula" (Picap, 2002), "L'arbre de l'esperança" (Picap, 2004), "Sol blanc" (Picap, 2006) without forgetting the common root of the Mediterranean song and the reasons for the troubadour tradition through an atmosphere of chamber music.

People who want, they may enjoy the new songs in the two concerts that are going to offer in the large room of the Kursaal, the first one on Thursday at 10:30 at night and on Saturday in the same room but at 6 in the afternoon.



altall_bandWithin the range of performances that will give us the Mediterranean Fair, the band Al Tall will present the show "Vergonya, cavallers, vergonya" their new album.

The show revolves around the literary works of James I, which this year celebrates the 800th anniversary of his birth. The aim of the artistic proposal of the band is to claim the hitorical and political figure of the character. To do so, they created a repertory of new tunes that blend elements from different Mediterranean traditions, and have the voices of two exceptional guest artists: the Mallorcan Tomeu Penya and the Occitan Jan Maria Carlotti.

We are in front of an album which is set to make history, that Picap will publish during the first half of 2009.

We can see the show at Manresa on Sunday November 2 in the large room of the Kursaal at 1 p.m.



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