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Picap's new artists

We bring you two good news from Picap. Nan Roig, a Rap Metal and Punk Rock band from Barcelona has joined Picap with its second work "Via Fora" (Picap, 2008), in the same way as Leyenda, a Metal band from Madrid.

Nan RoigNan Roig appears for the first time in 2005, formed by experienced musicians of the Barcelona scene, with the aim of moving the audience with a style rare in the Catalan circuit of music: Rap Metal; growing in this way the styles fan of Catalan music.

During 2007, with their first album, "Pandemonium AD" Nan Roig enjoyed a great response and acceptance by the public of the Catalan Countries; that led them to conduct a tour introducing this new musical proposal.

In early 2008, the band locked in the studio to record their new  album that we present today, "Via Fora" (Picap, 2008), addressing 2009 as a year full of performances.

Listen here the new single from Nan Roigplay "El Museu dels Arbres Morts"

LeyendaOn the other hand, Leyenda, a band from Madrid who was born from the musical interest of David, Fernando and Antonio and eventually became a band with its own style acting in almost every concert hall in Madrid, has just joined Picap and during the upcoming spring we will be able to listen to his new album with the new company.


The band is characterized by the variety of their song, as both slow and fast with a lot of powerful influence of Heavy Metal.


We will keep you informed of the progress of the new album of Leyenda with Picap.

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