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Would you like to stay on tune with Picap? Do you want to communicate directly to us?
Some months ago we published an article on the website explaining the changes in Picap to adapt to these times.
Under this premise, the marketing department along with the Production and Promotion has been developing new ways of communication, mainly on the internet, and in this post we want to show you different options that you have to follow Picap’s work.

1 .- Do you have Facebook? Look for Picap, you will find us in Facebook pages.
facebookFacebook is the biggest social network that has grown a lot over the past few months and Picap is there with a page where users can sign up as fans. In that page you can find a music player, and also we send updates with the latest news on the web to all our friends.

To sign up is as easy as clicking the following link: http://tinyurl.com/face-picap

2 .- Do you have Myspace?
myspaceMyspace is beggining to be displaced by the Facebook, but it’s still the private community on the network with more artists that display their creations. For Picap becomes an essential tool for discovering new talents. For this reason there is more than a year ago that the company decided to join this community and we can only get good experiences. From Myspace we have found our graphic designer, as well as emerging artists. It really has saved time in listening demos, because lets you create an idea of what is offering the artist.
You will find us at: http://www.myspace.com/picapdiscografica

3 .- Do you have Twitter?
twitterTwitter, according to Wikipedia, is a social networking and microblogging service that allows to connect with your friends with messages from an extension of not more than 140 characters to know at all time what you are doing,... Twitter is also becoming a very powerful marketing tool for businesses and Picap has opened an account where you can add us as a friend and follow every day what the company is doing (artists, attendance at trade fairs, seminars, or just to know the point of views of our workmates,…).
-If you are already a user you can find us with @ Picap

-If you are not user, you can sign up now and follow Picap by clicking the following link: http://twitter.com/picap


4 .- Do you add RSS feeds in the section of bookmarks of your browser? And in your e-mail client?


RSS technology allows you to publish and syndicate content to save time making unnecessary to enter each time on the same page to see if there is new content. In this way, syndicatting the content from Picap’s web you will be able to stay in tune and recieve the latest published news without having to enter each time.


RSS feeds from Picap’s web for the three languages are:

Catalan: http://www.picap.com/xml/ct/picaprss.xml

Spanish: http://www.picap.com/xml/es/picaprss.xml  

English: http://www.picap.com/xml/en/picaprss.xml

There is different options (all of them valid) to syndicate the content of Picap’s web:
a)-To add the feed to the bookmarks of your browser, you only need to copy and paste the previous feeds into the section of your browser (ie Firefox and Internet Explorer)

 firefox Firefox

explorer  Internet Explorer


b)-To add the feed to your e-mail client, you can do it by pasting the feed with your favourite language as follows: (thunderbird, outlook, gmail)

 thunderbird Thunderbird

outlook  Outlook

gmail  Gmail

c)-You can paste the feed in any service of customized homepages like iGoogle and Netvibes. Later we will explain how to do it with Netvibes.


Even so, the latest albums releases are not syndicated, so do not miss the web and type http://www.picap.cat from time to time to see which new artists we have.

5 .- Do you have your browser's homepage customized with Netvibes?
As already mentioned above in the post, with Netvibes or iGoogle you can save time by watching all the information that you normally read on the same page.

netvibesWith Netvibes, Picap has created his Universe with all available information in RSS of the company. You'll find us in the following link:


Moreover, for all those who have an account with Netvibes, you will find feeds and widgets from Picap done to stay in tune of what is happening in the company. You just need to add content and write in the search bar Picap. The next 6 results show 3 news feeds from the web in 3 languages and 3 widgets also available in 3 languages.

You can find syndicated in a single feed all this information and add it in the bookmark bar of your browser by clicking here: 


Finally, if you are a Mac user with a Netvibes account, you can download and install widgets on your dashboard.

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