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Albert Fibla - Concert at Cafè Teatre of Lleida.

albert Fibla"El món es mou" is the title of the latest album from the songwriter from Badalona Albert Fibla. The album was released last February and talks about loneliness, isolation and individualism of twenty-first century’s people with songs like "Entre la multitude” (Among the crowd), "Pel seu nom", "Balmes 129" or "De bona lluna".

They have been intense months plenty of concerts, presentations and interviews in major media in the country.

Continuing with the task of bringing his songs and hidden messages, the songwriter is ging to act the next Sunday November 30th at the Escorxador theater’s Cafè of Lleida from 8:30 p.m. The action which is organized by the Association Anti-AIDS  of Lleida will serve to give last presentation of the album "El món es mou".

In this concert we will find Albert Fibla accompanied by old friends as Jordi Belza on guitar and vocals, Valentí Adell at the piano, Guillem Aguilar on bass and Tito Busquets in the drums.

On the other hand we can also listen Albert Fibla on Saturday 29th, from 11:00 a.m. in the show in Catalunya Ràdio "The Supplement" with Núria Ferrer; to talk about his performance in Lleida on Sunday.



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