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Túrnez & Sesé New Album


turnez_1After working few months recording the tracks at Manresa, the Barcelona’s band, Túrnez & Sesé has a new album to the market: "ROMANÇOS I ESTAMPES DEL 21" (Picap, 2008) its fourth album.

This album achieved by the 15 romances that make up the renewal of language, musical and literary style of this figure. The lyrics pass by a thematic own itinerary of tradition, but with new authorship narratives that are covered in modern arguments.

Túrnez & Sesé make a sound travel through different melodies, rhythms, tones and timbres. The percussion has a role in some romances more rhythmic, other highlights stringed instruments –for the tracks that call for a more lyrical sound-, and other stringed instruments that give a more traditional and popular atmosphere.

In an effort to overcome, the band has developed a very complete album and this time the lyrics are in charge of seven contemporary poets among them Josep de Flix, Montse Gort, Jordi Guardans or Sergi Jover.

turnez_2The poets have created new romances using traditional arguments: love and gallantry, crime and revenge, thieves and bandits, mythical characters, satirical and political events... As a result we will find songs like "Repartiment", "Els Nous Segadors", "La dona alliberada" or "La Princesa bruna".

We must remember that the launch of this record, "ROMANÇOS I ESTAMPES DEL 21", took place in the Great Hall of the Kursaal Theater within the schedule of the eleventh Fair of the Mediterranean celebrated in Manresa where the band conducted an interdisciplinary show where the image was also present through eight illustrator artists that, from visual contemporary language point of view illustrated in a conceptual and narrative way the romance.

Listen to the single: play Repartiment

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