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New year New Challenges

The music industry is in a constant evolution and adaptation process to the market demands. That is why people form Picap are constantly leading new challenges to achieve.
We have just begun 2009 and we want to work hard to continue our musical project, as many of you will know, is trying to recover the memory of the music of Catalonia. This doesn’t mean that we don’t look to the future, but to do so we must have in mind our roots, musically speaking.
caixa_pegasusLast 2008 we reissued different artists who mark an strong period of our history culturally very strong; so from the acquisition of catalogs of Edigsa and PDI and with the help of our partners we can now enjoy artists like Jordi Sabatés, Pegasus, Toti Soler, Ovidi Montllor, Pi de la Serra, Peret... in a high quality and in a format never offered so far, the digital format. This allows us to preserve a piece of our history that will never be forgotten.

caixa_antoEspecially we should note the work done to gather a luxury collection with the 33 CD's of the Historical Anthology of the Catalan Music; important work of classical and traditional music which currently can be purchased in digital format for those who love the music and don’t have enough space at home.
Answering to the high quality of music produced in Catalonia, the past 2008 we could also offer new releases as Companyia Elèctrica Dharma, Lupe Villar, Albert Fibla, Túrnez & Sesé, Rodamons...
2009 is coming with lots of changes regarding to the music industry and especially in Picap. We are making the necessary tasks that will bring us to the way music lovers consume music and the way that they stay in touch with the company.
logo_25Leaving aside the changes that you will be able to see throughout this year, we especially hope to communicate to everyone that ... Yes! We are 25 years old; we will also inform on the different channels available such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter,...
In conclusion we would like to announce some new releases and reissues planned for this year, hopping that you will enjoy. So we will find reissues such as .Oriol  Tramvia, Musica Urbana, Blai Tritono, Escolania de Montserrrat, Rocky Muntanyola, Secta Sònica,... and will appear with new releases Maria del Mar Bonet, Sangtraït's Tribute, Cobla Montgrins & Prot Bo,...

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