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Midem 2009
midemWe could baptize Midem 2009 as The Midem of  the decline, on the one hand there are many fewer participants than in other editions, the festival's guide-book has almost half of pages than other years, but we can also note the decline in the concerts schedule and in the different delegations parties.

This year's inaugural event on Sunday night was in charge of Russia and has been one of the worst parties that we remember, but there was an interesting pop-singer who was called Sergey, with good acute and a good performance, but compositions were not from the twenty-first century.

midemmEven with the general crisis, we can also notify the new participations as the Chilean delegation, with whom the representatives of our government have held talks on cooperation at a time that we have closed partnerships with the company Infanta Terrible in Chile that is going to release the last record of Maria del Mar Bonet among other productions of Picap.

Another symptom of the crisis is the missing presence of the Catalan press at the fair, where we only found Jordi Rueda from professional magazine Clave and missing journalists who used to come year after year such as Esteban Linés from La Vanguardia and Jordi Biencciotto from El Periodico... Also missing José Miguel López from Radio 3, he had a personal problem.

By the Catalan part and under the brand CATALAN MUSIC, with a good design and professionalism they have done things in the best possible way, though the lack of understanding between ICIC and the Ramon Llull Institute, makes impossible a performance of any of the catalan artists in the most important record industries trade show.

This Midem is not going to go down in history.
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