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NUA in Barcelona

nua_directeA hundred people joined in the showcase of NUA in their new release of QUÍMICA “Chemistry” (Picap, 2008) at the Forum of FNAC in “El Triangle” of Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona.

Marc Grasas -voice and guitar, Cati Juan -guitar-, Tòfol Martínez –bass-, Joan López –drums- and Eduard Farrés -keyboards- go from the most acoustic folk and the most electric rock of its first album, Lluny (Picap, 2006), to a more electric and experimental sound where textures contrasts are the main aspect of the twelve songs composed by Marc Grasas and arranged by the entire band.

Unlike Lluny, recorded in Mallorca, QUÍMICA was recorded entirely in Sabadell and changing landscape influences the sound of the group, forming a more aggressive and urban album, which penetrates the deepest feelings of people. Do not speak of social relations but of the psychological characteristics of each individual that define it as unique and singular. Therefore, it is an album that talks about optimism and pessimism, love and hate, selfishness and generosity, euphoria and depression and all those feelings that can not be regulated and they travel through the brain as chemistry.

Thus the different songs were played in front of the audience explaining the Monday’s melancholy (DILLUNS in Catalan), misunderstanding of the relationship in VERÍ, or nostalgia for the landscapes as TOSCANA.

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