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Launching the next GÀTACA album "Deliris"

gataca_grupGÀTACA began with the twenty-first century, they do not know exactly if the 2000 or 2001, emulating the argument of the ongoing century. Themselves say to be influenced by demand groups such as Korn, Slipknot, Skunk df, or Hamlet, and claim they came to fill the hole that has Catalan rock in his harder and powerful face. In fact, the vocalist Gonzalo Gironés explains this latest album with these words, "Return of the power, the most powerful and revolutionary sound of Valencian Country. Gàtaca returns with his new job, DELIRIS (Delirium). The most basic instincts take shape and will not be indifferent. Gàtaca, reinventing the rock in Catalan".

gataca_portadaThe fact is that after years of intense work, in 2004, they won the Sona 9, demo contests organized by Catalonia Radio, Catalonia’s TV, and the magazine Enderrock, supported by the Ministry of Culture and the General Directorate for Youth. This award marks the revelation of the band into the Catalan culture, and a promotion throughout the country playing at different concert halls as Razmatazz in Barcelona, and its first clip, and his first professional contract with the label Picap.

Deliris is the new album with 12 new songs, with the Valencian accent that characterizes them. Their lyrics are still talking about the passage of time, the problems and virtues of our urban lives, or the characters of his particular imagination, as the song dedicated to Boris Karloff, qualified as a monster for its public image. But there are other songs like “L’home tranquil” (The quiet man) or “Cançó de bressol” (Lullaby) where they retrieved on melodic rhythms, but not abandoning its powerful mix of electronic music, funk and hard rock.

So, from today and as appetizer for the launch of their new album (March 30) all nu-metal fans can listen to a 3 songs in streaming; ECLOSIÓ, CRIATURES i BUIT. All you need to do is to click the flyer:


ATTENTION: During the next March 30th, and only that day, all nu-metal and Gàtaca lovers will be able to listen the entire album DELIRIS in his website.

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