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Susanne Georgi, Andorran representative at Eurovision Song Contest with "Get a Life / La Teva Decisió"

susanne_1On 4th February, the audience of Radio and Television of Andorra, and the jury of media professionals have decided that the Danish singer resident in the Andorra, Susanne Georgi, is going to represent the country with the pop song "Get a Life / La Teva Decisió" for the next Eurovision Song Contest held in the Russian capital, Moscow, on May 12.
The jury and the audience agreed on the positions of the three finalists of "Passport to Moscow" TV show for RTV Andorra, both rankings leaded by Susanne Georgi, followed by Lluís Cartes, and finally Mar Capdevila. This last singer, is the only performer who had participated in the three programs of the Andorran representative to Eurovision, where the audience could vote for the election.

Susanne Georgi is 32 years old, and 13 year ago she fell in love for the Pyrenees Country, where he continued his musical career as a solo artist because together with his sister, Pernille Georgi, formed in the second half of the 90s the duo Me&My achieving an international hit in 1999 with the song "Let the love go on”.

susanne_2However, Susanne enjoy the same success in music nowadays, since she arrived in Andorra, which has not only welcomed, but she is now speaking an excelent Catalan which has been very useful to her to finally become the Andorran representative.

Eurovision community know her because in 2007 she competed to represent Denmark, with the duo Me&My; but they obtained a sixth place in the national final with the song "Two Are Stronger Than One". But her sympathy captivated the Danish audience and they chose Susanne Georgi as a part of the jury to score the countries to the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007.

Picap has been chosen by RTV Andorra to edit the single that will represent Andorra. You can listen here:

play  Susanne Georgi - "Get a Life / La Teva Decisió"

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