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Leyenda's new album "Horizontes"


After an intensive and continuous preparation, LEYENDA publish a new album, with a new record label and with an speciall illusion to begin a new stage. With "Horizontes", generic title of the new album of the hard rock band of the most recent generations of Madrid, want to reach all fans of the genre in Spain.

The diversity of their musical ideas makes a wide range of tracks, such as slow tracks and fast and powerful tracks, feature sticky choruses and good melodies, with all kinds of influences from both the eighties classic Heavy as the most modern. The lyrics, many of them worked by the guitar player and singer Antonio S. Montemayor, attempt to explain free interpretation stories, although originally based on some fact or thought.

LEYENDA has been playing several times around Catalonia and knowing the famous band Sangtraït, thay decided to cover in Spanish one of its song "Inquimissio", a cover that gives a touch of diversity to the CD "Horizontes".

LEYENDA comes from the exchange of musical ideas of the three founding members, David, Fernando and Antonio, with persistence, perseverance and the passage of time gave way to a band with its own style and well received by the media. The work and the fight to raise awareness of the band have always been the dominant notes and as a recognition the band have had the opportunity to play, on several occasions, in the most distinctive music venues in Spain. LEYENDA also has reached popularity outside its natural market, receiving good reviews from the media of other countries.
LEYENDA is currently formed by Alfonso Casasayas Marín on drums, Luis Ángel Andrade Lazo in the rhythmic guitar and solo guitar, Jandro R. Hervás with the bass and Antonio S. Montemayor with the voice and rhythmic guitars.


Listen here the new single "Horizontes":  Leyenda - Horizontes

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