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Albums à la Carte? Yes it's possible !!!
There is no doubt that new technologies offer us a new dimension of consumption and leisure time, either by making friends with social networking, buying movie, theater or concert  tickets, or shopping games and dvds and  in our case music records. So far we know that consumption from joining certain music style, artist,...

discos_cartaNow Picap offers a new way to apply new technologies to your musical pleasure: ALBUMS À LA CARTE Service.

Our commitment is to exceed the individual to generalize and making the album with the artists songs that you can find in Picap’s website. We could say that until now we recorded the albums which we think would like our unconditional music lovers, we chose everything, for 25 years it seems that we have been successful.

We will go on with our project, but as a company we know the need to adapt to new technologies, to take them and give to our friend the possibility to choose among our artists, to create their own CD. You now have the opportunity to create your preferred album, decide the songs ... Can you imagine a CD with Pegasus, Maria del Mar Bonet, Sau, el Cant del Barça... together?
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