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50 years of "AL VENT"
raimonThe Polytechnics University of Valencia celebrate the 50 years of Raimon’s song “Al Vent”, with different things:

1) An anthological recital of the singer, accompanied by his quartet of musicians: Fernando Serena, Miquel Blasco and Joan Urpinell, Pau Domènec
2) An exhibition
3) Various publications

The exhibition consists of original pictures of Joan Miró, Antoni Tàpies and Andreu Alfaro that these artists have done for various book covers and LP's, as well as originals of Pere Joan Viladecans, Guinovart, Artur Heras and other painters designed for posters or inspired by Raimon’s performances. Those who visit the exhibition will find at the entrance a big sculpture by Andreu Alfaro "Raimon: la veu d’un poble”

29 posters will be exhibited from different performances of Raimon (including those of France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, USA, etc) since 1963 until now.

Eight windows with press releases, photos, flyers, books and CDs from here and from many countries where Raimon have been singing.

The University has published a catalog, a CD with different singers (Serrat, Dyango, Moncho, Esther Formosa and Toti Soler, Verdcel, etc..) performing songs of Raimon and a rewrite of the Raimon’s biography by Joan Fuster published in 1964 and the poetry book of Raimon "D'aquest viure insistent" published in 1986.

The May 8 at 8 pm Raimon will sing in the hall of the Nexus building of the University.

The exhibition will run until the June 23.
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