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Music sales fall 30% during 2009
ifpirecordsAccording to the report published by IFPI (International Federation of the Record Industry), entitled "Record Industry Numbers 2009”, sales of music in Spain fell by 30% over the 2009 and the impact of piracy exacerbates the situation for the first months of the year.

Based on data collected from more than 70 countries, Spain is in ninth position in terms of recorded music. This reveals that even with the high quality of musical productions, is not in the proper place due to the high rate of piracy, which is one of the highest in the Western world.

graffThis downward trend in terms of buying music legally, IFPI value in a drop of over 50% compared to 2001, with 7 years of consecutive decline and the trend is exacerbated when we think in the crisis we are nowadays.

Consequently, sales of legal music in digital format are still ridiculous compared to other countries much more aware, with only 11% through a computer or mobile phone connection, respect to the 21% that gives us the international reckoning, there is also an special fact in Spain, that is the internet access the companies offer here and the conditions that are offered in other countries, a lot more speed but less price.
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