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Digital Music 2.0.

At the end of last month Picap participated in the Digital Music 2.0 workshop.
Besides talking about the main issues that concern to music industry, the speaker Juan Paz from Musically wanted to focus on the need of today's music industry companies to attract the attention of fans who are mainly in social networks and they create all content.

But to do this we need to have a set of clear concepts before, such as those defined (RSS, widget, wordpress, web 2.0., User-created content, social network,...). And here is where Juan Paz wanted to show the different possibilities offered by the network to promote the artist, with a special emphasis on social networking and content creation. We saw different tools to distribute content on the web (Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Reverbnation, e-mail, podcast,...).


It also introduced the concept of FRM (Fan Relationship Management). Here we have to use all the tools that the network has for a consistent marketing strategy and achieve all the objectives.

Finally we saw different cases of digital strategies, some successful and others less so. As an example we discuss the case of groups that record exclusive sessions for different internet music services like Last.FM,  Spotify, Napster... and other very interesting examples.

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