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Gerard Sesé –fresh catalan pop, innovative, different & quality-

Picap is about to launch the album "Sota la Dutxa" (Under the Shower) of the new artist in our label, Gerard Sesé.

This guy from Bellaterra (Barcelona), journalist by profession and finishing political science, since he was young he was involved in the art world, both for the piano classes who received or his interpretative skills.

Gerard likes to wake up passion around the people and not leave anyone indifferent, as he rightly says "Create, compose and perform my songs is one of my passions, but really what I like is that people enjoy, laugh, cry (in doesn’t matter) listening to me".You can listen to the new single "Vull tornar a sentir" (I want to feel again) here:
foto_article_web play Gerard Sesé - Vull tornar a sentir

The singer describes himself as a different singer, "Gerard Sesé is like an stage bug trying to make a different catalan music to what we are used to. Try to approach the English-pop sung in Catalan".

In previous albums Gerard has reached the semifinals and winning contests such as Enganxa't a la música and Carles Sabater prize. We wish Gerard he win many more prizes. Go on Gerard.

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