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Picap, Merlin member

membre_merlinThis week Picap has progressed in terms of digital purposes. We have joined the Merlin association.

Merlin is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of making more competitive the independent music industry.

It is the first entity that works for the interests of independent music worldwide. Its mission is to represent its members in digital agreements that are not readily available locally or individually and/or are not adequately covered by existing agreements. Seeks to occupy the niche between the collection entities and what the record labels can get for themselves.

acticcle_merlinThe objectives of Merlin are:
-Protects the copyrights of our members in light of infringement or abuse.

-Establishes effective access to revenue streams previously unavailable to independents.

-Creates a body that acts as an efficient, broad reaching and direct entry point to our sector.

This will open to Picap new ways of return for our extensive catalog apart from the reedition work that we are doing for the catalogs of EDIGSA and PDI, adapting them to modern technology with the possibility of buying all music in digital format.

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