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Habaneras and Town Parties Summer
Picap is not going on holiday, we prefer to think about new music proposals and continue with our policy of reedition of this back-catalog, which makes us feel so proud, of EDIGSA and PDI.

As a brand new notice we can say that in a few days we’ll launch the last Orquestra Maravella cd, called “Ballem?” A disc with international tracks interpreted in catalan. Don’t miss the music at every party town this summer! If you want to view the schedule of the Orchestra Maravella you can visit this link: http://www.maravella.com/frames.htm

Although it has recently come on the market, we would like to remind the project so interesting with the Cobla Montgrins and Port Bo. On the album "Acoblats" will find an incredible fusion of Habanera with the sound of Cobla.

If you want to see Port Bo concert schedule for this summer you can visit this link: http://www.portbo.com/calendari.htm  

If you want to see the Cobla Montgrins schedule of concerts for this summer you can visit this link: http://www.orquestramontgrins.com/?doc=560&sec=3  

We hope not to have stressed you with so many concerts, our intention is just to shake your ass!
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