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grup_vuitIt's been a couple of weeks that Picap has the new album of Vuit, the new promise of pop-rock in Catalan.

The members, from Tarragona and Barcelona, are Carlos (voice and guitar) and Ramon (electric guitar). Then comes Oscar (drums) and Enzo (bass, vocals).

In early 2009 they released a demo that got them to issue their first album "Un dia qualsevol" (any day) consisting of ten emotional and commit songs.

The album begins with the single "Cada cop", a fresh hit. Following by songs like "Tornarem”, " Julia ", " Princesa ", "Crida" that invite you to romanticism and sensitivity with the strength and energy characteristic of this new and young band.

A pop-rock band with touches of alt-rock, with a particular sound and innovative. With clear influences from the new indie-pop that make this band remember other band od the same style.

Listen to the single in Vuit Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/vuitsomtots

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