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About the law of the Culture Minister

prop_intelThe state government through the proposed "Draft Law on Sustainable Economy" has pushed the tab for intellectual property rights, but again and as he usually does this government, nobody can take seriously none of their proposals, they are weak and politically vulnerable as never seen before. For the reasonable proposal of the Minister has lasted 24 hours, the time invested for hackers to put fear in the body of the President Zapatero.

The proposal of the Minister of Culture, but is exceeded in the EU with countries like France or Great Britain, is quite good and consistent, but how could it be otherwise, criminals have turned a bitter debate full of falsehoods on the Internet and by the media complicit in the crime and also with the explicit support of the main opposition party.

The Draft law of the Minister is about to close the internet portals that violate the intellectual property, nothing else ... and the attacks are saying that this affects the freedom of expression and fundamental rights (?)

Steal is synonymous with freedom of expression?, Do not let them steal, is to attack fundamental rights?

p2pWe would like the society could understand that when someone is downloading a movie, a book, an album, a song, etc.. by the P2P system or by illegal direct download, is stealing, to be smooth we say it is a misappropriation, and thus committing crimes, cause the composition, the author's work should be remunerated equally that of the interpreter and just like the producer, cause without such remuneration are doomed to disappear author, performer and producer and with them the music and with the music, the Culture.

The authors are not very well regarded because they belong to a centuries-old society that has often acted with arrogance and that has alienated much of the population, but we must remember that is only one managing entity and that Authors should defend the impact of their work.

The performers are the ones best regarded, for obvious reasons, but often people forget that their interpretations also have rights that must be kept.

And producers also suffer a bad image, in our view, due to a long and deadly policy of arrogance and macroeconomics interests of multinationals in the sector. But beyond that there is an indie industry, small and medium with other criteria, we must consider that without the figure of the producer and the talent of the author or the performer does not get anywhere. Figure of the producer is needed to allow the final work, and make available to the general public, we don’t need to say that to produce music we need strong economic investments that are amortized primarily by the sale of recorded legal music.

The hackers, and various criminals that support them, often say that we should change the business format and saying this banality they believe they have found gold, stay happy and in good conscience to continue committing crimes ...

musicaWe don’t know any serious Record Label that has not restated business, otherwise they would have closed. Obviously that has changed the social and cultural habits and that new generations create a different demand for recorded music consumption and production companies have adapted and continue to adapt to new demands of society, with all technologies known to date. But if anyone thinks the new format of the Record Labels business is giving away products, they have not understood anything.

Does anyone understand that in the name of freedom of expression and fundamental rights, it could create a free exchange of stolen cars? And people annoys if the government told them that this is wrong and they have to close the space?

For this reason, exactly this reason, is what defenders of the exchange music files protected by intellectual property law are doing, with the support of some of the media and the Partido Popular (political party) that go across the street without blushing...

From Picap we give full support to the proposal of the Minister of Culture, we want to force the government and political parties represented in the Congress of Deputies to give support to the law, so that Spain stop being the shame of Europe, as we should not forget that this state has the highest rate of piracy of the Union and one of the most pirates on the planet.

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