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"20 anys ben a prop" by Joan Carles Doval

mmb_mc20 years ago Maria del Mar Bonet and Manel Camp first joined their two instruments, and were born a series of concerts under the title "Ben a prop", presented at the former Barcelona Teatre Lliure.

The combination of great voice of Maria del Mar with the interpretive sensitivity to the piano by Manel Camp was so successful that they have not ceased to act together over twenty years, always looking site on the agendas of the two artists to make this possible and roll down all the scenarios of the country and many from outside Catalonia.

Twenty years have passed, and the voice of Maria del Mar has become more technical and she is in an enviable fullness, Manel has become a reference piano player not only in Catalan music scene, but a true reference of jazz and contemporary music played into the Catalan Countries for abroad.

To celebrate this twentieth anniversary, Manel and Maria del Mar have rejoined their instruments, sensibilities and exquisite taste have played onto the stage of Luz de Gas for two days to do a review of the songs that remain to them as well voice and piano with jazzy tones such as JIM, derives from the pop themes, songs such as Pau Riba "Es fa llarg esperar", hit songs of the artist that take another dimension to voice and piano, including "Que volen aquesta gent?","Jo em donaria a qui em vulgues", etc.. A review of the work of Vinyoli with new arrangements, and other unreleased tracks that Maria del Mar takes time performing live but still not part of any album, like the picaresque song "La Barbera" that said she first heard the song of Toni Moreno at La Cova del Drac in Tuset street of Barcelona, a funny lyric from the father of Aurèlia Campmany, may be one of the surprises of what will be the next release in 2010 of "20 anys ben a prop " recorded this past Friday and Saturday at the Luz de Gas in Barcelona and will be released the next 2010.

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