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50 anys / 50 èxits Compilation

lluisThis year we commemorated the 50th anniversary of the "Cançó" movement, but really we have had are the fifty years since the publication of the article in the journal "Germinabit" by Lluís Serrahima under the name of  "Ens calen cançons d'ara " (We need songs of today) has always been considered the founding text of the movement.

Lluís Serrahima had sung, but not any album ever recorded, but its momentum is not only in the aforementioned article, has also served as lyricist for many singers, stressing above all, the music that put Maria del Mar Bonet in the song "Què volen aquesta gent? "

In 1959 there were singers in Catalan, but very different styles and that's why Serrahima article appealed to new songs and had a very clear look at the French song, which was impacting through Europe.

The first recording of this new movement came a couple of years later and was Josep Maria Espinàs the first to record in the new company created to push all these projects forward, EDIGSA.

Finishing this 2009 we thought it was appropriate for Picap to join the event and given that we have rights for the Edigsa, Als 4 Vents and PDI catalogs and a good back catalog itself with 25 years of history, we wanted to pay tribute the major cultural/music movement that Europe has lived in the twentieth century.

What has meant and still means the singer-songwriters songs from a minority language in an international expansion, has been the most important export of language and culture who have lived Catalan-speaking countries.

Our singers gave a breath of hope to generations of dictatorship, opened the sleeping mind of many Catalan people, made known our poets, and were instrumental in the road to democracy.

50Fortunately, in the Catalan-speaking countries continue emerging very talented songwriters and many things to say and that's why Picap with the collaboration of the journalist Joaquim Vilarnau, we have selected 50 songs to do a review of what has meaning this movement. In this selection we have "L'Agenda" by Josep Maria Espinàs, as well as other talented young people such as Albert Fibla, Lluís Cartes, Roger Mas, Adirà Puntí or Túrnez & Sese, but not forgetting Llach, Maria del Mar Bonet, Ovidi Montllor, Pi de la Serra, Rafael Subirachs, Teresa Rebull, Ramon Muntaner, Joan Isaac, Marina Rossell, Celdoni Fonoll, Joan Ramon Bonet, Xavier Ribalta, Miquelina Lladó and some others within the movement of the “Cançó” such as Salomé, Núria Feliu, Glòria, as well as songwriters of the 80s as Santi Vendrell, Marc Durandeau, Hèctor Vila, Maria Josep Villaroya ...

A triple album at a very affordable price to give a good look at the musical history of the last fifty years.

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