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Màquina! "Lets get smashed"
portadaCollecting all of the singles by Màquina! serves a double purpose. Firstly, it serves as a remaster and update of the work by one of the great bands in the history of music in Spain and secondly, by collecting and editing all of their singles, we can hear and analyse very clearly the different stages that the band went through during the years they were active.

However, what seemed like a quick job has turned into a long, complicated project. It has been a difficult, slow and practically handcrafted task. To start with, one of the main premises when recovering all of the singles was to remaster them from the old vinyl, remaining as faithful as possible to the original sound. The songs had to sound like the singles; they had to give us that feeling of putting needle to vinyl. We avoided the tinny digital sound of other remasters and that made the job even more complicated. It has taken many hours of work to clean the sound without sacrificing the essential sonority. Emili Baleriola has been in charge of patiently and meticulously seeing the project through to its end.

ima1A complex task of investigation has also been carried out to put the credits together as during the second stage of Màquina! there were constant changes in the staff and missing information related to the work.

Màquina! was a pioneer band. It broke the mould. To start with, they distanced themselves from other bands in Barcelona such as Sirex or Los Salvajes and they went for a more international sound, singing in English. What's more, the record sleeves, created by Jordi Batiste, were revolutionary in design and concept and bought the band closer to the Anglo-Saxon and European worlds.

Enric Herrera, along with Jordi Batiste, was the founder of Màquina! In this duo, Herrera was influenced by the likes of John Mayal and Soft Machine while Jordi Batiste showed more interest in Paul McCartney's music. It was exactly that difference that later made the two musicians grow apart in terms of their ways of conceiving music. In the beginning however, they formed a magic duo creating songs which achieved great critical and public acclaim. 

ima2Two tracks that were recorded on a little known maxi-single of which there were only around one hundred numbered copies, has been included here as an essential part of this compilation. The first track is a song by W.Dixon with the addition of Arta Abelle's voice, a Canadian singer who stayed with the band from the third till the fourth single. The second song is an improvisation from the time when Teddy Ruster was the bandʼs singer. It is a song which was totally improvised and features another singer and friend of Ruster, Geeno Washington.

We hope you enjoy this compilation and the different musical phases of one of the pioneer rock bands in Spain and that it gives you a holistic view of this essential band.

Text: Àlex Gòmez-Font

If you are curious to know more about Màquina! You can buy the album on www.actualrecords.com
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