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S'Albaida at the Ollin Kan festival
S'Albaida –the folk music band of Menorca- is about to travel to Mexico city the next April 26th to play in the Ollin Kan Festival, where they will play 3 concerts along until the May 2nd.

The Ollin Kan Festival is one of the main World Music Festivals worldwide, and the only of its kind in Latin America. The festival this year begins a new stage with a more independent organization and more open to private participation in order to reach a wider audience. It is expected to further enhance the public presence of last year, which exceeded a million people.

S'Albaida, with twelve years of established career, is going to offer a wide repertoire through songs among many others from the albums "El llenguatge de les pedres" (Picap, 2006) and "Xalandria" (Picap, 2008) and songs from the last album in the process of publication "Soldemà", and the bead seating guarantee that the proposal sought by the festival: the achievement of the X International Prize of Navelgas (Asturias).

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