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Àlex Torío - Principia Mathematica
"Principia Mathematica" is the fourth and waited Àlex Torío new album, and the first recorded at his studio and self-production. His latest album, "The lame fiancée" of great reception from critics and audiences, was published in 2006. Now, we are facing an extensive and ambitious work, where the singer brings compositions written between 2004 and 2008. In the words of Torío, this album is "a kind of personal encyclopedia".

The album title refers to the work "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica" published by Isaac Newton in 1687. In this book, Newton picked up the conclusions on the mathematical behavior of nature, after an individual process of observation, reasoning and conclusion.

Àlex Torío, which is a theoretical physicist and mathematics professor, explains that the album is titled so because it resembles the way of work, so lonely, so independent of Newton when he wrote the XVII century physics book and on the other hand for the idea that he wants to make a compilation. This album contains many things, many ideas.

The album begins with "It works", a piece that criticizes somewhat pragmatic thinking, like "Enjoy mediocracy", a song "sung by a chorus of idiots". Some song with more personal topics. "Ugly in the city" is a love song and "End of War Against Time", a song dedicated to his daughter. "The farm of horrors", a song which tells of a couple who live next to the corpses of their ex-partners, is interpreted as a duet with Maria Bennassar, the lead singer of Blueberry Hill.

In the album, therefore, there is a contrast between what is personal and what is universal. "If we make a comparison with physics, we can say it is a clash between the micro and macro, we could say between particle physics and statistical physics". The 74 minutes duration is not free: "I decided to make an album that fills the space available in a yield, which is about 75 minutes. I write thinking about the CD format, in the album format; there are musicians who do better than just songs. It is a matter of hygienics".

As in all
Àlex Torío albums, the design is a basic and very careful part of the work. The Picap's edition consists of a strip, a 24-page booklet and a cover with a picture inside. All drawings to illustrate the album are original by Evru, the artist formerly known as Zush (who has illustrated albums of other musicians, like Peter Gabriel or Pascal Comelade), who also plays the moog in the song "Old testament v.3.8 ".

The album sound is more reminiscent of the first work of Torío, "Last year's man", and in some points the harshness of "Magic wand side effects", but with an evident shift towards a more mature composition, both in music (which reunites left-band sound on "The lame fiancée"), and the lyrics, even with the language, are of stunning depth.
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