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New Musical Season

August is at the end and as each year is the moment the focus on the new season. September is somehow the first month of the year, it is for school, usually by politicians and the cultural industry.

As every year the season begins full of festivals and concerts, the
Acústic in Figueres, the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, the events of the National party Day in September 11th, Womex, Popkomm, also The Mediterranean Music Fair in Manresa where we will be there one more year and Christmas, trying that the recorded music keep on the mind of users and locate it as one of the star products with the concept of "object of the gift".

It is for all these reasons that during summertime
Picap have been working a lot, considering the offer of the new season, which we'll talk a little.

modestOne of the first new release we want to talk is the recording of the organ concert by Modest Moreno i Morera staged on June 21th in Cadaqués with works by Joseph Elias, Antonio de Cabezón Cabanilles or John the Baptist, among others.



 We also stress as anew release, the first album by the duo CATSFROMCAT. The new album by NARCÍS PERICH I LA CARAVANA DE LA BONA SORT "L’arbre amb fruits”, which as always will be presenting to all villages, towns and cities ...


 ocellsEL CANT DELS OCELLS; here we have been working a lot present a really good compilation of “El cant dels Ocells” (birds song), and regardless of the many versions, with different views of the work, we have included an etnomusicologyc sutdy made by the musicologist Maria Salicrú-Maltas very interesting and we think that makes a good teaching tool that would take into account the schools. It also will be available in electronic download with the option of buying the whole album with the study on iTunes.


himnesTwo albums of patriotic nature, the first is a collection of patriotic songs with artists such as Esquirols, Coral Sant Jordi, Orfeó Català, Orq. Maravella, Ramon Muntaner... and the other record is a wide choice of hymns of the Catalan speaking Countries, where we could even include the anthem of Alghero, the Aran Valley, etc.. with artists such as Maria del Mar Bonet, Lluís Llach, Al Tall, Cobla Barcelona, C.E. Dharma, etc…


beatlesAnother record that we will publish this September is a recording of the first ‘70 that remained virtually unreleased in the market is dealing with an album with versioned Beatles songs by musicians such as Peter Roar, Lucky Guri, Carles Benevent, Max Sunyer and Salvador Font. A real jewel to be heard and to have it in your hands.


We are also preparing a new album by ROMÀ ALONSO, new album by COMPANYIA ELÈCTRICA DHARMA with a recording in Sun Studio in Memphis, VOX cappella group with a recording of Christmas songs, TONI GIMÉNEZ with a tribute to Pete Seeger and will continue publishing important reissues such as ORIOL TRAMVIA, Dos + Un, ROCKY MUNTANYOLA, JORDI SABATÉS, VICENT TORRENT, CHIPEN, RAMONET, JOEL, GUILLERMINA MOTTA, NÚRIA FELIU, etc.

And finally we announce the recent signings by SEPTETO SANTIAGUERO, which we will release their first album with Picap in late September, a production made between Madrid and Santiago de Cuba and by now mastered in the 44.1 Studio in Aiguaviva, and a Catalan indie-pop band HEWEL, winner of the popular vote last Sona 9, which also soon have prepared their first album.

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