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We are digging the Beatles


artistesLucky Guri, Carles Benavent and Max Sunyer presented yesterday together with Àlex Gómez Font in the FNAC-Triangle BCN a reissue album of 1972 with versions of the Beatles "We are digging The Beatles".

In 1972 the prestigious jazz pianist Lucky Guri hit on the idea of recording an LP of cover versions by the Beatles, still far from the legends that they were to become and with all of Liverpool’s fab four were all still alive. In the jazz key and accompanied by a dream line-up (Carles Benavent, Salvador Font and Max Sunyer, amongst others), this LP is pioneering in cover versions of Beatles music. Furthermore, various circumstances mean that We are digging the Beatles was practically unheard until now. We now present this work totally updated, remastered and with the respective notes and anecdotes”.

In the conversation with Álex and Carles Benavent with the media was highlighted that We are digging the Beatles was sold only for two weeks in 1972, withdrawing from the market for rights issues. Thus, this new reissue can be seen as an important new release from young artists that forty years later are world famous and with an important professional career.

portadaLucky Guri resolved a doubt among the participants about the recording, thanking to Àngel Fàbregas confidence placed in these young talents, so it was possible the publication of a pioneering and innovative album for those days, but we can say this-time; Max Sunyer said that there is not many instrumental productions with versions of the band from Liverpool and less with a Jazz, Big Band, Dixieland, ... rhythm.

The chosen songs, as shown in the cover of the album where they select from the different records of the Beatles was managed by Peter Roar and Lucky Guri, as Lucky himself said: "The cover was done in La Floresta where there was many hippy communes at that time. "

Although it is an album of cover songs, these artists wanted to emphasize the great freedom that had to record, because each of them could give the best. Giving the album a great personality.

The reissue of this album is part of the process that Picap started a couple of years with the acquisition of EDIGSA and PDI’s catalogs with the aim of recovering the historical and musical memory of Catalonia, adapting to new technologies, making possible the acquisition and wide distribution, phisical and digital, both nationally and internationally.



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