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Rellotge d'emocions: New album by Raimon

raimonIt was in 1997 when Raimon published his latest album with unreleased songs and in 2000 the last time he published a new song recorded in a studio with the Nova Integral 2000 that shortly will be retired from the market. Throughout the last decade Raimon has released several albums recorded live, the most important the one receorded in Olympia in Paris 2006 where there was some new songs.

But it will be finally in 2011 when we will enjoy a new album, new songs recorded in the studio. An album which will be the most important in the Raimon career, a review of his life, full of emotions and sensations with vitality, claim, tenderness and force.

With "Rellotge d’emocions” Raimon talks about Xativa, his mother, the Iraq war of Bush's father in 1991, recalls Barcelona in 1971, evokes the city of Valencia, new and beautiful love songs and an emotional song "Mentre s’acosta la nit” (While the night is approaching) where he says the “amb més passat qeu futur I un present sempre tant prim…” (with more past than future and a present so thin...).

On January 15th Raimon will play in Eliana, next to Valencia, with the new album songs.

On January 28th, Raimon will be awarded Doctor HONORIS CAUSA by the Alicant University.

On February 6th we will listen some of the new songs on TVC, channel 33. They will show part of the concert that Raimon played in his city Xàtiva on May 2010. Where some new songs were introduced.

On February 18th will release the new album in a concert in Madrid, in the Teatro de Madrid in La Vaguada.

The March 18, 19 and 20 Raimon will play the new album in Barcelona, Teatre Tivoli.

Since February we will be able to enjoy these new songs recorded in the new album, one of the most important albums in 2011.

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