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Hewel, restless & experimental indie
hewel_1Hewel, "good luck " in Wolof, is not the only thing who has had this band in the Catalan county of Pla d'Urgell. Since 2005, with enthusiasm and dedication they have made it to achieve a sound born in British indie and has become a delicious pop-rock with electronic sound. Influenced by bands like Phoenix, We are standard, Radio 4, Delorean, The Cure, New Order, Kings of Leon, Stereophonics, The XX... of them is the essence of Hewel.
To know the origins of Hewel, one must understand the ecosystem on which they appear. So if in England there is "Madchester", Lleida had Mollerussa night. During the decade of theeighties and the first half of the 90, during the weekend the city was transformed to doublepopulation. It fed on the most advanced music of the international underground and was thus Hewel components were introduced in the vibrant night electronic, pop, indie rock,... music venues.

In this context, in 2005 come together to form the band Albert (vocals, guitar) and Roger (bass) who had his first band at age of 15 in the middle of a fever following the grunge Kurt Cobain's death. Frankie (drums) helped to compile a base devastating rhythm.

Later arrives Xavi (guitar), which provides plenty of light to the band and offers a wide range of sounds with the pedals and his technique. This is when Hewel debuted in 2006 in live at the "Sönic Club" in Mollerussa.

hewel_2Shortly thereafter, following a memorable concert in a dining room, Meritxell offers to enter the synthesizer in the band. It is from this point that the band begins to walk to find a more defined sound. The sound of synthesizer becomes an inherent sound of Hewel.
The band self-releases his first EP "Hewel" in May 2008 with six tracks still in very different styles and songs in English, French and Wolof. They started playing, and do all the "Terres de Ponent" (Lleida) and go to Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. Share stage with Front 242, Santiago Auserón or Sr. Chinarro, among others.

In 2009 they recorded the single "Culpa teua" with three tracks in Catalan and win the audience award Sona 9 contest with over 12,000 votes. The song "Culpa teua" was chosen as the theme song in commercials of TV3 spots celebrating their audience.

With regard to Hewel live concerts they leave no one indifferent. Is a band that used to overcome studio recording with quite vibrant concerts. They have gone with different music festivals and venues, but are especially noteworthy performances at festivals like MMVV, Insomni or MEM and clubs like Sidecar, Monasterio in Barcelona or El Perro in Madrid.

porata_del_discHewel release the first full-length album "Desig" (desire) (Picap, 2011). The album collects the most pleasant and bitter experiences of desire as a thread. Musically Desig is Hewel's most elaborate and nonconformist album. In this, the importance of guitars gives way to the weight of synthesizers for the indie sound, from delicious pop to a rock from outer space. Today Hewel is one of the bands with more projection of the new breed of contemporary music made in Catalonia and Catalan.


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Official links:

WEB: http://www.hewel.net

BLOG: http://hewel.blogspot.com

MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/hewel

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/hewel.net

TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/hewelmusic @hewelmusic

OFFICIAL VIDEO of the single "DESCAPOTABLES": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRKs1Yns3QU


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