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Barcelona Progressiva
portada discYesterday afternoon it took place a press conference to show the new compilation "Barcelona Progressiva" at Forum Fnac Triangle (Catalonia Square, Barcelona).

"Barcelona Progressiva" is a double CD plus an extensive booklet (in Catalan, Spanish and English) that summarizes what was the progressive rock movement in Barcelona in the 70s. An essential reference for the development of music in Spain that occurred between the years 1969 to 1973, when the Pub Zeleste appears.

"Barcelona Progressiva" is a historical document that includes most of those bands that marked an era as: OM, Màquina!, Agua de Regaliz (Pan & Regaliz), Música Dispersa, Pau Riba, Vértice, etc.. And with musical rarities like the song "Jo em donaria a qui em volgués" played by Maria del Mar Bonet & OM, or Strawberry Fields Forever by Peter & Roar Lucky Guri, among others.

componentsA historical musical research that has resulted in the end the best and most faithful witness of this great musical movement.

A very important and necessary work for the music of our country. With the help of our collaborators and the important background catalog of Als 4 Vents we finally could do a job that will become essential to understanding an era.

The press conference continued with the intervention of the journalist and writer Alex Gomez-Font, which stressed the freedom with which to work when selecting bands and tracks that make up this double CD compilation.

The booklet, with very curious pictures. The songs, chosen face to face with the artists. And a special mention to the unreleased track "Just then I got you" by Crac (provided by Emili Baleriola).

The release of this album is part of the process that Picap started a couple years ago with the acquisition of EDIGSA and PDI catalogs to recover the historical music memory of our country, adapting it to new technologies, making possible the acquisition and distribution at both physical and digital.

In digital format you'll be able to buy the whole booklet buying the full album on iTunes and will soon also be available in the main legal music download platforms.
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