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Xavier Dotras Trio in concert at Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

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The Catalan Jazz band “Xavier Dotras Trio”, will be performing at the “Van Gogh Museum”, Amsterdam next Friday 8th of July with a closing concert of the show “Vincent”,  where the trio is to dedicate their music to the life and work of the post-impressionist painter. This concert will end an international tour of their latest recording with a homage performance to the artist who has inspired the most praised album recorded by the band. The concert will be held coinciding with a commemoration of the 121st anniversary of the death of the painter.

Xavier Dotras Trio is a band formed in Barcelona in 2004, made up of the experimentalist pianist Xavier Dotras accompanied by César Martinez on drums and Toni Pujol on the double bass. The work of the band brings out influences that spring from classical to bossa-nova, traditional Catalan music, on to Latin, Boleros and flamenco jazz. This particular elegant and sober style of their music has, in a very short time, won the unanimous acclaim of the critics and the jazz public.

imatge noticia dotrasThe concert at the “Vincent Van Gogh Museum” will close the tour of the album “Vincent” which was initially presented in the “Jamboree Jazz club” in Barcelona 2009. Since then the trio has performed on stage at festivals of international prestige such as The Midem Festival in Cannes France, The Bath Music Festival United Kingdom, The San Miguel Mas y Mas Festival, Barcelona, Alcudia Jazz, Mallorca, Jazz en la Provincia Sevilla.  

The album “Vincent” is fruit of a personal admiration by the pianist Xavier Dotras towards the figure of Vincent Van Gogh, and a dedication to the painter´s personal way of understanding artistic creation. Over the years, Dotras has followed the tracks of the painter from Amsterdam to Paris, Auvers sur Oise, Arles and down to the provinces, the result of the task undertaken is music which transmits great sensitivity coming from the pictures of the artist, the persons related to his life and the places where he lived.

The concert at the “Van Gogh Museum” has a double attraction, one by being the last concert of the tour of the CD “Vincent”, and also a homage to the artist who in time has inspired their music, by playing in front of the most important collection of the painter´s work. Furthermore, the concert will represent an acknowledgment to all those creators who have contributed to define the character of the music of Xavier Dotras, from Bill Evans through to Antonio Carlos Jobin, Chopin, the films of Felini, and so on.

This representation featuring The Xavier Dotras Trio,  is part of the initiatives to introduce and promote Catalan Music shouldered by the Catalan institute of cultural industries and also counts on the support of the “Ramon Llull Institute”.
The musicians, at the moment are immersed in rehearsals for a following recording of a new CD which will hopefully be released at the end of this year. This new project, provisionally titled “Preludes” fusions jazz and classical music into original compositions. Following the same creative course of previous works, the music of the new album has been inspired by classical composers from Bach to Chopin yet never leaves behind the essence of his most inspired influences like the North American pianist Bill Evans and the Italian Enrico Pieranunzi.

To the free and spontaneous style that give character to the compositions of the band, here now include new rhythmic and harmonic elements creating original pieces and bring out the elegant personality of the trio. As with the show “Vincent” the new work will be performed live with an audiovisual projection turning the concert into a personal and attractive proposition.

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