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Press Conference for the new album “Blaus de l’ànima - més de 20 anys ben a prop”
camp_bonet_pressYesterday afternoon was presented at a press conference the new album and show "Blaus de l’Ànima – més de 20 anys ben a prop” at the Teatre Lliure de Gràcia (Barcelona).

Maria del Mar Bonet and Manel Camp returned to enter in the recording studio to record this new album that goes on sale to coincide with the Nacional Day of Catalonia 11 September, and will show in live in a long tour that starts in Madrid and arrives at Barcelona in Teatre Lliure de Gràcia from September 27 to October 2 2011 and will be followed with more than fifty concerts throughout the country.

It was in 1988 when the two artists agreed for the first time on stage with the show “Ben a prop” and since then they have continued to perform together as long as was possible. Now return to Lliure to present this new album and show together "Blaus de l’ànima – més de 20 anys ben a proa” 23 years after that first concert.
“Blaus de l’ànima- més de 20 anys ben a prop” is a double CD that includes the rhythm of jazz and songwriting in a total of 22 songs, among which we will find new versions of classics like "Què volen aquesta gent","Mercè" or "L’Àguila negra" and other instrumental songs even unpublished songs as "La Barbera”, with lyrics by Maria Aurèlia Capmany, which is about the ancient "job" in Paris.

Maria del Mar Bonet showed yesterday her satisfaction and illusion to record this album with Manel Camp, while highlighting the difficulties and risks for a job like this where the voice is totally naked, as that just goes with the piano. Only two protagonists, Maria del Mar and Manel Camp, “ben a prop” (close together).
Along the same lines was expressed Camp, who also said that the album is "passionate" and "emotional". And the two have made a great job where each of them has brought their language and musical style to finally get to create a homogeneous album, current and unique.
You can see an interview (in Catalan) with the performers here: interview
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