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Jesús Corbacho, emotion in the service of intelligence... and vice versa

The surprise is, in my view, a virtue that is in Jesús Corbacho natural attribute in different dimensions. When I met him -being still almost a teenager- I already noticed an intellectual and emotional maturity rare to find in most of the boys of his age. And I was struck, specially, because the young man's “cante” managed to shock in my historical consciousness of this flamenco.

jesus corbachoEven being the “cante” flamenco an expression radically personal and nontransferable, the time are in charge of defining similar aesthetic trends which inevitably coalesce and structure much of the disparity of individuals. On the other hand, is not sung today as 50 years ago. Not even as two decades ago. For this reason, it is pleasantly surprising to note that the “cante” of Jesús Corbacho comes to represent a brilliant reaction to the multiple ways of singing flamenco, both for its uniqueness -is definitely hard to fit in any school- and for the talent to propose today the centenary echoes of this ancient art form.

At that time, when I met him, with less than twenty years old, Corbacho was a present with a lot of future that, however, sounded already to a memory. In a different memory, a remodeled past, studied, processed, assumed and expressed with the freshness of an artist who preserves and promotes the fertile part of people's own ingenuity traversed by the light of intelligence. The time has strengthened its way to become involved with flamenco, so that today more than memory, we should speak of conscience.

Has sprouted almost lwithout saying the word "intelligence". It is not a fantasy. Let’s make a brief parenthesis, the scientists distinguish three types of brains all have at birth, but not all end up developing. On the one hand, a primary brain inhabited by reactions such as anger, fear, etc.. A second is the emotional brain, where settle feelings like melancholy or nostalgia, for example. And finally, an intellectual brain: the gray substance to the service of anticipation and, therefore, creativity. Close parenthesis. Well there have been many flamenco artists -some of them very important, it must be said- who have settled mainly in the emotional world. Others, however -and this is the case of Jesús Corbacho-, have the quality to put the emotion in the service of intelligence ... and vice versa. This allows that the projection of its sensitivity does not overwhelm, but incorporates into our spirit subtly through the pores of the epidermis.

Intelligence, in short, articulates expressive language of Jesús Corbacho. For this reason this young and mature “cantaor” is capable of apprehending the past to dissect and finish shaping an absolutely personal form, supported –must be highlighted- in his very peculiar sound. Corbacho read accurately the spirit of each “cante” to keep it in his voice and his words, his most genuine aroma. Old “cante” transported to the twenty-first century, but as reprocessing. Not as memory but as consciousness. And best of all, he’s unique in flamenco “cante”. Is not it amazing?

text by: Manuel Moraga


portadaFlamenco “cantaor” Jesús Corbacho with his debut album with Picap “Debajo del Romero”.



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