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Ile - New Basque indie-rock promise

caresIle name comes from the island in French translation. The relationship can probably guess it to listen to each of the songs that give this album. Song after song Ile help you escape the conventional and predictable, opening up the doors to paradise with own imaginary sound.

Ile is the island we all want to find in the sea of music sounds. A concept without barriers or labels, without fear or prejudice, where all ideas work. What one gets of Ile are unique experiences that often continues to find places where you had not noticed before.

The Indie Rock of Ile and personality that the Basque band has been able to give to his music transcends the comparisons, it comes to Standstill, Zoé, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, The Killers and Dead Cab for Cutie but you should refer to feelings, to the constantly surprise in search of the perfect moment.

portadaFormed by Txema Sáez (Vocals and guitar), Jon Ikazategi (guitar), Aritz Urrutia (bass) and Álvaro Garcia (drums),  Ile begin in 2010 on the left side of the Bilbao Ria. The rock influence in their area of origin, marks the sound in the beginning of the band, but quickly the influence of Jazz, New Wave and  '80's Pop make appear the style of Ile.

During 2011, Ile records his first album, which consists of 12 tracks full of strength and amazing sound where they show the essence of the band: love for music, style and good taste.


Information about new album "Difícil" by Ile:




Ile "Difícil" in phisical format at our distribution company website Actual Records; searching for "difícil"



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