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Anònim X, new Wantun's album

wantun anonim xAfter the successful debut with the first studio album "Animalia", the Catalan band Wantun have stepped over a releasing the second album consolidating the band in the Catalonia music scene.

Maturity, creativity, inspiration, talent and surprises ... this is what awaits us when we listen to "ANÒNIM X", the new expected album by Wantun. A very mature album, and deeply inspired where the band from Blanes (Costa Brava, Catalonia) make clear that their career is not limited to a pair of singles.

barney video"ANÒNIM X" arises mainly from the music devised by Wantun for the multidisciplinary show WANCUB THE END OF INSPIRATION (theater, music and projections) premiered in 2011.

Opening the album "In Aether" takes us into the ether, the fifth element according to classical physics. We progressively away from the other four tangible elements (water, air, fire and earth) with which we struggle daily to isolate ourselves in a state between consciousness and unconsciousness, which the album moves around to finish with "Out Aether". From here the audience will find stories of anonymity, loneliness, despair, hope, breaks, love, impossible love, and even the reversal of the end of the movie "Before Sunset" (July Delpy and Ethan Hawke). Feelings and emotions tailored for Wantun unique sound.

Wantun sound has evolutioned in this release. Careful and risky industrial electronics, unusually fast tempos, songs that you can not take it off from head, songs without repeated melodic lines and deliverated repeats that force to do more than one listening to glimpse all the elements introduced.

teaser wantun anonim xWantun has strained a little more the rope. References to contemporary classics (Phoenix, Radiohead, Wilco, Strokes, Postal Service, etc.) and all time (The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground, etc.) are inexhaustible. All have been revisited by the new premises that created the band for the new album.

Following the same path as the last album (Animalia, Picap 2010) the recording has been done by the hands of The Blind Joes (Santos & Fluren) (producers of bands like Sidonie, Love of Lesbian, etc) at the Blind Records studios; in the album we can also find a collaboration of Valen Nieto from Raydibaum in the voices of "Safaris".


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